Your company wants to build an online community? – Key things to consider!


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This magic word – community! Suddenly all the problems will be solved! Your company just needs to create an online community – right?

Here is a list of questions you need to address first:

Why your company is building a community?Business goals.

Do you have resources to grow and manage it? Community is a long term commitment.

Do you have processes on how to analyze and act upon different type of events happening in communities? integration with back end processes: sales; support, product management, legal, etc..

Did you consider potential legal implications? Do you need to create an agreement for members to sign?

Did you create a set of rules/guidelines for the members of the community to follow?

How are you going to measure the success of the community?very important to come up with the set of metrics and be able to measure.

What technology/tool are you going to use to build and manage your community?

We will be talking more about communities at this upcoming event: Social Media In HiTech Conference. Please send me your questions and I will make sure to ask them during our panel discussions!


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