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Marketing ace and friend, Bob Gutermuth (founder of Dialog Marketing) shared this recent experience with a Houston pizzeria. Reports Bob, “We left our feedback via a comment card that the waitress asked us to fill out. The very next day I received the following email from the restaurant:”

Dear Bob,

We have been receiving customer feedback from our comment cards. Our top complaints are:

1. Too Loud – Due to our 22ft ceilings it tends to make the store seem loud. We are looking into different ways to muffle the sound.

2. Past service – We have done an entire rehire for all servers the past 2 weeks and have seen a drastic increase in customer satisfaction toward service.

3. High drink prices – We are changing prices on our drinks to the following:
Boylans Soda’s from $3 to $2
Honest Tea from $3 to $2.50
VitaminWater from $3 to $2
1/3 Liter Spring Water and Sparkling Water from $3 to $2
1 Liter Spring Water and Sparkling Water from $7 to $6

4. Need a diet cola – As of today, we have added the Diet Cane Cola to our menu!

Thanks for everyone’s input.
Pizza Fusion Houston

Loyalty Tip: Don’t just ask for feedback. Put it to work! And circle back with customers to let them know how their feedback is being used to improve the customer experience.

Want to one-up your competition and win a customer for life? This kind of “closed loop” communication can help!


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