Why You Need To Reevaluate Your Present CRM Tool Right Today


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There is no CRM software solution that is perfect.

We know you might have been telling that to yourself lately a lot since you have been feeling that your CRM is plagued with a multitude of deficiencies in the system.

However, in spite of all the shortcomings, the thought of switching CRMs (like from Salesforce to a Salesforce Alternative CRM platform, etc.) is nevertheless too overwhelming for both startups and enterprises.
This is because implementing your present CRM software indeed required a monumental effort- an activity that you would never prefer to mess with again.

So what should you do now? Should you sit for a meeting with the stakeholders and end-users of your CRM software or just accept the status quo and move on?

Here are 5 signs that might make you feel that it can be the time for reevaluating your current CRM software for your businesses’ future growth:

1. Low Adoption among the Users

Under perfect circumstances, everyone within your company would breathe and live in your easy to use CRM.
However, unfortunately, that has not been the case with your current CRM software.

For example, in your sales team, certain reps require persistent follow-ups by your operation teams just to make sure of the integrity of deal status data in the sales pipeline.
Or many sales reps continuously voice their concerns about the complexity of using the CRM’s user interface, claiming that it slows down their customer engagements, which has made them circumvent the system in totality, leading to low usage rate and adoption of the software.

Therefore, to understand more you must move beyond anecdotal evidence and start relying on data for fact-finding and so might ask the administrator of your CRM to pull out certain data-driven reports to verify the enormity of the issue, which can include:

• Total number of your CRM users versus the active users of your CRM
• The activities that active users (and also non-users) performed after their adoption of the CRM
• Typical log-in pattern data of your employees working with the CRM software

You can also talk to the ‘power-users’ of the CRM to understand what they like best with the software, the features that they cannot live without, what skeptical users dislike about the CRM, or has there been a gap in training while adopting the business growth technology.

Remember, it is really tough to continue long-lasting customer relationships, with a low usage rate of the CRM software, which can easily undermine business growth by creating a negative impact on the relationship with your customers.

2. Spreadsheet-Dominated Sales Meetings

The operations team in your sales department is already enough busy. Therefore, building a sales pipeline in spreadsheets for your weekly/quarterly meetings is not an effective use of their resources and time. Nevertheless, with disparate information spread across multiple platforms, you have no other choice but to seek their ongoing help for this task.

However, if everything lived within your easy to use CRM , sales can focus their attention on performing value-added activities.

Moreover, as spreadsheets become stale the moment they are created, sales meetings that include real-time dashboards become less confusing and more productive as reports created by dashboards offer greater clarity for a fraction of the effort.

3. Widespread Manual Data Entry

In today’s world of workflow automation, APIs, and out-of-the-box integrations with CRM solutions, manual data entry which is a bane for organizations is becoming less of a headache for businesses.

Hence, easy to use CRM solutions has nowadays alleviated data entry by introducing innovative solutions for capturing and organizing documents, emails, proposals, and other information.

Therefore, if data entry in your business still seems to be an uphill challenge, then it is perhaps time to dig into certain common issues:

Disconnected Inbox

Your teams must be sending tons of emails every day. Therefore if your email’s inbox is unfortunately not integrated into your easy to use CRM, your teams may have to be forced to key everything manually into the CRM database that can kill a substantial part of their working hours, or worse forget to enter the data, which compounds your company’s data reliability issues.

Proposal and Documents

To close any deal, your sales reps must be utilizing a combination of pricing proposals, slide decks, and other customer-facing documents.
Now, if your sales team’s inbox is not integrated with your easy to use CRM platform, vital attachments remain isolated in different silo software applications and thereby routinely get lost in transit.

Hence, integrating your proposal workflow to your easy to use CRM would help to bring in another layer of transparency and help your teams to avoid such oversights.

4. Dearth of Significant Insights into Customer Relationships

With that many processes to keep in order, most often businesses spend so much time on managing the system (like troubleshooting user issues, de-duplicating records, etc.) that they become oblivious about what matters the most – the customer relationship.

Hence, good and effective CRM software solutions not only help in simplifying admin hassles of managing the software, but it also presents a meaningful insight into the relationship with your customers.
This is because, as your business grows, maintaining an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your customer’s needs, preferences, behaviors, and habits are absolutely necessary for your business growth.

Seamless Handoff between Sales, Delivery, and Accounts

The relationship between you and your customers does not end even after the deal is won. In most cases, the relationship just begins after the customer signs on the dotted lines.
Therefore an effective all-in-one CRM makes sure of a flawless handoff of tasks between departments by providing tools that the sales and support need to perform their work seamlessly.
You can also use QuickBooks CRM software, one that integrates even accounts with your CRM to help the other teams have access to purchase and billing information of the customer right from one single platform.
Visualization of the Customer Journey
Maintaining a profound understanding of your customers is the key to ongoing success for any company. Starting at endless rows of data collected in the CRM database is not an effective way to visualize the customer journey.

Therefore, easy to use CRM software solutions are those that model your customer-facing data into engaging graphs, charts, and dashboards (without the need for integrating any third-party business intelligence tools).

5. Silence from Your CRM Vendor

Right from business software, smartphone packages, on-demand video services, streaming music, and others are now moving into subscription-based recurrent revenue models

This subscription-based model is putting a new expectation on your vendors to be more engaging with their customers and CRM software like Salesforce or any other cloud-based Salesforce Alternative CRM is no exception to this rule.

Therefore after each monthly or annual payment that you make to your CRM vendor you need to remain in touch with your vendor so that you can improve the performance of your CRM as your staffs and business grow for better over time.

Hence, it is most necessary that your CRM vendor must also be willing to evolve with you and release innovative features continuously that can help your business achieve its goals.
This is the reason; silence from the vendor of your CRM (predominantly when it about releasing new features) is not a good sign and is detrimental for the adoption of the software.

Conclusion-Take the Next Move

Although at a first glance, it can seem to be a daunting task and not a minor undertaking to change your CRM software.

It is an important decision that needs inputs from multiple stakeholders at your company.
Hence, it is vital that you must assess the health of your CRM software every year, calculate the real cost associated with maintaining the system as CRM vendors with good track record always have all the capabilities to help you migrate from legacy business software solutions and set up your team up for success by aiding your business to overcome the problems that the present CRM is posing by restraining and inhibiting your business goals.


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