Why React Native Is Considered As The Most Effective Platform For Mobile App Development


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When developing a mobile app the most important question that troubles developers is how can they make it function on other platforms. For smooth functioning in all platforms like iOS Android and Windows, you need to have the Native mobile elements. But again when you are working in the Native mobile environment it becomes quite long and a lot of hurdles come up. When you are working with a Native app for small modifications you need to rewrite the whole coding process.

An extended pool of developers who are skilled in several technologies is needed to develop an app for all platforms. The testing phase is very long because the results of the testing process are always delayed. Quality control is also very long as identifying the bug is usually very difficult. But even after facing all of these hassles, mobile app development companies have not been able to discard the technology and instead have invested in finding a platform for developing Native apps minus the above-mentioned hurdles.

Facebook used JavaScript to create React Native that enables the developers to use React along with the Native platform capabilities smoothing out the above-mentioned difficulties. It simplifies the process of coding, testing, and quality checking, and also gives a smooth user experience. Facebook used JavaScript and a special mark-up language JXL to create React Native that allowed communication between JS threads and existing Native app threads. React Native solved the problem of duplicating the codes and asymmetrical working of the apps. This is the first major advantage that React Native gives to mobile app development services.

React Native’s popularity as a cross-platform app development solution is quite high and is still in the upward direction. With continuous development, Facebook is making it easier to use so it is able to increase its market share every day. Some of the most popular apps that use React Native as their mobility solution are Facebook Instagram, Tesla, Walmart, Microsoft, and Uber.

Why React Native Is The Most Favoured Platform

Let us now study why React Native is the most popular mobile app development platform. One of the reasons for this is that Facebook released it after they tried and tested it on their own mobile app.

1. Single Coding – With React Native one codebase is created that complies similarly with both Native Java and Swift codes. This makes the app work smoothly in both iOS and Android by creating a bridge-like mechanism that allows communication in both directions between the UI components and Native components. Synchronizing features and layouts is no longer required, which makes the development process much faster.

2. No Special Skill Required – React Native does not need any special technical know-how. The basic knowledge of JavaScript is needed which is affordable and easily available. JavaScript developers with little self-education can use React Native to develop world-class enterprise mobility solutions. Basic knowledge of the web components and their counterpart mobile components is needed.

3. Quicker Development- When you have one coding system that is applicable to both iOS and Android, the development process becomes much faster. It is like creating a single solution for supporting several devices by sharing common code. So the development time is halved. The quality is upgraded, which means that you have a quality product with a development to market time reduced by a large margin.

4. Cost Reduction- Usually any new technology is associated with a higher cost of development and even more for two separate platforms. But now platforms can be connected with a single code. Braided versions are continuously released in the market so your app is automatically updated at no extra cost. They update the usability of the React components and the Native components, which means that the overall updating is being made at no extra cost.

5. Easy Debugging- With React Native the final process of testing and quality control is sped up. This is possible because the root cause can be easily figured out and the corresponding debugging can be done from a single coding. The QA phase is sped up while making the app secure for all platforms. Repeated debugging is done all along the development process, thus saving a lot of time, and you can enter the market more quickly with a quality enterprise mobility solution.

6. Simultaneous Release- Marketing an app is quite expensive, and pushing it to the top rank adds to the cost. A large amount from the allotted development budget goes to marketing and advertising. Expenses double up if you have to go for separate launches of your app for different platforms. React Native mobile app development services can cut the cost considerably by using a single marketing strategy. A simultaneous launch on all platforms will not only reduce the cost but gives more effective marketing and increases the referral rate for your app.

7. Single Development Team- With React Native you do not need a separate development team for each platform, a distinct maintenance team, and even a project manager to co-ordinate the various teams. Instead of having many different teams now, you can work with one expert team for all the platforms, doing all the functions from development and testing to maintenance. This reduces employee expenses as well as the development-to-market time. The reduced expenses will allow you to give more employee benefits and you can now have a satisfied and stable workforce.

8. Simple UI/UX- The apps that are developed using React Native do not take longer loading time and deliver a fantastic user experience. A good and easy UI/UX always satisfies users. React Native allows a highly simplified UI. Apps that are developed on React Native have a very responsive design and so their loading time is greatly reduced. Integration of the Native code with JavaScript smoothens platform-specific Native UI and also boosts the performance of your app.


React Native is always the best choice for app development since it reduces the cost considerably in several categories. It reduces the time so you can be an early entrant in the market without compromising on the quality. The three main criteria for a successful app, that is time, cost, and quality, are fulfilled by using React Native. So it is the most effective platform for app development for all mobile app development companies.

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