Why Outsource Your Software Testing Process?


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In a few months, COVID-19 has just not turned into a pandemic but it is becoming a global financial crisis. The pandemic is also impacting businesses in various ways. As a result, several organizations around the globe are laying off their employees. During these unprecedented times, organizations need to adapt quickly and produce high-quality products and ensure business continuity and faster resilience to gain competitive advantage. However, the disruption caused due to this pandemic and a sudden shift to remote work has given birth to new challenges in the organizations and QA teams.

The following are a few challenges and reasons why firms should hire an offshore software testing company for their business’s survival:

To Ensure Seamless Communication & Collaboration between Different Teams

QA teams that do not have extensive experience in remote working are expected to deliver high quality despite all distractions. They are expected to work with the same efficiency and tools as earlier. It is really important to set discipline to stick to the schedule, for employees who have never worked remotely before. There is a new set of distractions that remote working teams face due to the workload and personal life. Employees cannot engage directly with their team members and may also feel disconnected and productive at work. However, at the office, employees can have productive discussions and achieve the same level of engagement in remote work is difficult. This can affect the team collaboration and transparency. In the remote meetings, employees may lack commitment as meetings are conducted virtually. In order to address this issue, an effective remote work strategy requires more than provisioning employees access to video conferencing tools.

Challenges in providing Reliable Systems, Tools, and Infrastructure

The lack of robust infrastructure, there can be a huge impact on the employee’s performance. There were a number of employees who had to move to their hometowns due to the pandemic. However, not all employees have the required devices for testing. Additionally, there are challenges such as internet issues in smaller towns and villages. The employees cannot access their devices for testing at their offices, which may cause delays in the testing cycles. Due to a sudden rise in the phishing attacks and ransomware attacks, many organizations do not have a remote security strategy in place to address cybersecurity concerns. Employees have to use their persona laptops and services which are not very secure which can enable a cybersecurity risk that can compromise an organization’s safety.

Lack of Automation Tools

There is an exponential increase in the demand for remote conferencing applications, video streaming, food delivery apps, and services during the pandemic. There have been significant delays in software releases of software apps due to the impact of COVID-19. Sometimes, the lack of test automation is slowing developers and testers from accelerating releases while maintaining adequate test coverage to meet the users’ demands. Due to this disruption organization for more automation to ensure operational continuity, accelerate time to market, protecting them from future pandemics.

COVID-19 and Its Impact on Hiring and Employment

The Covid-19 outbreak is a huge crisis for the world economy. Organizations are compelled layouts and cut to reduce costs and ensure they maintain their financial health. This can also cause a ripple effect causing damage to both organizations and employees. When an organization lays off employees, they fall short on knowledge, skills, and ideas which create missing links in the teams. This can affect the performance of other employees and compel them to resign them from their jobs as well.

It is extremely important for organizations to outsource the software testing process and ensure that they are moving in the right direction. This pandemic has opened new opportunities and provides organizations be more resilient. Managers need to manage during a crisis in order to survive the situation. Even during the 2018 financial crisis, outsourcing and offshoring helped many organizations survive in the market. Although many people consider it a labor cost but there are many benefits to embrace an offshore team. It helps them steer in the right direction without losing track, it becomes easier to manage remote working teams and allows business owners to be sure about taking important strategic business decisions.


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