Why Every Entrepreneur Should Learn Web Analytics


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Starting and managing a business may be difficult due to numerous reasons. Knowledge and experience deficiency regularly comes in the way of progress and development. Although acquiring experience is just a matter of time, the other complications can be dealt with through the use of information technologies. But before discussing anything deeper, what exactly is web Analytics?

Web Analytics is the analysis of both the qualitative and quantitative statistics from your website and competition. This data is used to drive a constant advancement of the online experience of your customers. At the end of the day, it translates into your suitable outcome both online and offline.

When choosing the best web Analytics tools that your business needs, the stream of accessible alternatives can be mind-boggling for companies that may not comprehend how to use them. However, is it necessary for every entrepreneur to learn Web Analytics? Will it be beneficial? Let’s find out:

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Learn Web Analytics

Can help compete against the big guys

The main reason why all entrepreneurs should learn Web Analytics is that it enables smaller businesses to compete with large multi-corporations. This may seem impossible, right? Your business can take hold of its niche by using web Analytics to keep track of whole regions, markets, and customers that are ready for your business.

The big corporations have to maintain concluded appeal to the broad audiences that they attract. This leaves too much room for smaller companies to undertake quality over quantity and to offer a different advantage to a smaller part of the population.

If you’re just starting out, try installing Google Analytics for free to get a feel for how it works. It’s simple to set it up on the backend of your website and will start providing you insights immediately.

Helps narrow down keyword list for better SEO results

Web Analytics helps every entrepreneur to narrow down their focus to deserted keywords that most visitors are using to locate your services/business with tools such as Kissmetrics or Google Analytics. Some of these tools provide an entrepreneur with real-time statistics from their websites and social media platforms.

Because of this, small business owners can now see visitor traffic directly from their WordPress dashboard. Now isn’t that convenient and practical?

As an entrepreneur you can use these tools, i.e., Adwords, Majestic SEO, Linkody, Kissmetrics, etc., to help you do keyword research the smart way. Most often the providers will allow you to try them for free before you even commit to a subscription service. I’ve used AdWords for example, to cast a larger net as well as Facebook business to strictly define my target audience and convert visitors to customers.

Clears the path to conversions

The primary benefit of using web Analytics as an entrepreneur is the ability to track exactly where visitors go after leaving your web page. By understanding what steps viewers take before converting into clients, you can recreate those steps for future viewers.

Features such as the Google analytic metric and real-time updates keep track of how visitors maneuver through your site, giving a solid place to start your evaluation and analysis.

Additionally, if for instance, you also add pop-up window or a banner to help you grow a mailing list, you can get to see how many conversions you’re making through it.

Identify pages that are underperforming

Web Analytics helps you find out what works for your existing business so far so that you can build on that success. Even if one page is drawing an irregular rate of conversions and another page is not performing well, you can use this as productive information to improve your site to be even more alluring to likely customers.

On underperforming pages, you can improve your Meta descriptions, page title, internal links, and more to contribute to improving their performance. You can also build campaigns around a specific page (i.e. a “BUY NOW” page).

Helps you trace other advertisement attempts

After you have identified which metrics you would prefer to track for organic website traffic, you can now start to track traffic emerging from web advertising. Web Analytics can prove to be quite useful especially when it comes to monitoring the paid search traffic to conclude whether you are getting a defined return on investment for your keyword campaigns. If that is not so, then you have the ability to fine-tune those advertisement campaigns to be more efficient or switch over to another entirely different campaign.

An entrepreneur can even use Web Analytics also to track offline campaigns such as magazines, billboards, etc. that use QR codes to encourage audience interaction with you through their mobile phones.

You can create custom shortened links for various offline campaigns that send users to your domain.  For this, use URL shorteners like ity.im, adcrun.ch, bit.ly, etc., to create a trackable link in your analytics toolbox. The shortened domain will match your primary domain.

Can diagnose whenever a web page is down

What every entrepreneur should be aware of is that the Web Analytics metrics come in handy particularly in general website maintenance. The general website maintenance includes determining if a web page is down. You may not always recognize if a page or a feature on your site is not working properly, especially if you have a big website with multiple pages.

Analytics enable an entrepreneur to have a general overview of patterns that aid in determining what to predict from each page with a moderate rate of variation. In the case of an unexpected drop on one of the pages that perform well, you can examine to find out if the page is down so that you can get your highest traffic ball of fire up and running again in no time.

Use your specific Webmaster tools to monitor and troubleshoot your site to get your pages up and running again. You can also do a quick check on your web page through a free service called ‘Is It Up?’

Conclusively, every entrepreneur should learn web Analytics. Learning means investing an enormous amount of time in something. So should they invest in web Analytics?

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Invest in Web Analytics

Web Analytics has proven to be a useful tool for tracking and monitoring the efficiency level of the online campaigns and earn excellent results in marketing attempts. Regardless of your companies’ size, Web Analytics helps entrepreneurs get statistics based on the number of visitors on their website and additional information regarding outstanding features such as location. Furthermore, entrepreneurs get to see the new visitors to their site. Is this reason enough for entrepreneurs to invest in Web Analytics? Yes.

Smart businesses are the most successful because they are data-oriented. So that data can yield those types of results, suitable people need to have access to the data, they need to comprehend it properly, and they need have knowledge on how to use the data when making important decisions. Without such an investment, a business cannot influence Analytics to its real potential. Analytics have a growth and maturity cycle in every organization. Without investment in Analytics, the analysis team will never be able to reach full maturity. The team will be doing the same thing over and over. The reports will always portray the same thing. So what can a company do? Simple, invest in Web Analytics. Why?

Here’s why:

  • Boost productivity
  • Promote learning
  • Constant regular upkeep
  • Ensure collaboration
  • Competitive edge
  • Maintain integrity

Web Analytics is important and necessary for any entrepreneur whose primary goal is to create a booming, healthy and adaptive online campaign. Web Analytics help you to frequently advance and avoid spending resources and money on futile and useless strategies.

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