Why Buyer Persona Analysis is Vital for Developing a Mobile Application


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Let’s admit it. – In order to develop a successful mobile app, you’ve to know about your customers as much as you can. And well-defined customers usually start with a buyer persona.

Buyer persona gives a clear picture of your users’ needs, desires, and their pain-points. It helps you to reduce mobile app development costs by discovering when and where your ideal customers consume content so that you can give it to them what and when they need.

In fact, 90 percent of businesses that used buyer personas have been able to create a clearer understanding of who their buyers are. The same study also revealed that the businesses using buyer personas have been able to generate more & higher-quality leads.

That’s not all, by the way! There are many more stats that could compel you to create a buyer persona for your mobile app immediately, but for now, let’s first understand what a buyer persona really is, and how they are created.

Understanding Buyer Persona

The buyer persona is basically the archetype of a group of individuals that share similar characteristics. They’re “imaginary” customers that are created with the help of research & analysis on a target audience.

These buyer personas are mostly created during the early stages of mobile app development and are vital for any app’s success.

In fact, if you’ve created a well-defined buyer persona for your mobile app in the beginning, you have a priceless tool that’ll tell you what your ideal customers think and do when they face a problem, what motivates them to take action, and what are the factors that influence their decisions.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into the benefits of creating buyer personas for a mobile app.

5 Benefits of Creating Buyer Persona for a Mobile App

While the buyer persona is primarily created for the marketing purpose, but here’s how they can also benefit in the overall success of your app.

#1 Elevates User-Focused Outcomes

So, you and your development team have brainstormed on your idea cater to a specific group of people. But, think for a second. Is it something what your customers want right now? What if you’ve built an app that is not in conjunction with your customers’ current demands?

This is where a buyer persona comes to rescue. Creating a buyer persona beforehand can help you make user-focused decisions. In fact, to build a successful app, the buyer personas must be incorporated in all stages of your mobile app development.

If you fail to adhere to this practice, you are highly unlikely to meet the actual demand of your customers.

#2 Discovers Your Ideal Customers

Throughout our journey in mobile app development sphere, we’ve witnessed how creating buyer personas can be beneficial to you in terms of understanding the requirements and needs of your customers.

Therefore, once your mobile app is developed, having a clear buyer persona will definitely help you in positioning your app in such a way that your app receives maximum exposure among your ideal customers.

For instance, if most of your potential customers hang out on Facebook, you’ll then know where to market your app.

#3 Ensures Everyone is on the Same Page

In every team, you’ll have people with different skills and expertise in different domains. And each individual in your development team will have a different opinion about how a particular feature or functionality should look and work.

But, with a clear buyer persona, the concept will be clear among all stakeholders, and there will be no difference in opinion on how a specific feature or how the entire mobile app should look and work.

#4 Provides a General Agreement Among Team Members

Interpreting raw research data among team members can be a real uphill task. But, through buyer persona, you can convey the research made and help other team members visualize how your mobile app should be in a much easier way.

#5 Validates Customer Demands

Finding out who the target audience is and where they hang out online is not enough, you’ll also need to find out their needs and desires. And without appropriate validations in place, your mobile app may not be able to comply with their needs and desires.

With buyer persona, however, you can identify their pain-points and address their needs & desires so that you can align your mobile app goals to meet those demands.


While buyer personas are virtually non-existent, but they can be of great help in identifying the ideal customers to whom your mobile app will ultimately reach.

And, in order to reach those customers easier, make your user personas with realistic names with every single detail including a picture, their background, location, career, and even on which platform (iPhone, Android, or Windows) they would use your app.

Remember, buyer personas is the foundational tool that will greatly impact your mobile app growth. It is an extremely strategic and useful approach that you can help you develop a customer-focused solution.

So, what do you think about this practice? And how are you going to leverage the benefits of creating buyer personas? If you’ve any queries, please share them in the comment section below!

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