Why all sales managers should be thinking mobile


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Everybody is thinking mobile nowadays and as a sales manager you should know it and you should be where they are. Can you think of anyone who is not using a mobile phone? No one right? People use their phones not only for communication but for storing data and shopping as well. This is what ordinary people do with their mobile but you as a sales manager can do a lot more with it.

Mobile data growth is increasing each day. Statistics shows that there are more and more downloads coming from mobile all over the world, thus a sales manager should take advantage of it and teach the team on how to use mobile to reach their targets.

Another reason why sales manager should go mobile is because of mobile adoption trends where everything is being adopted into mobile such as bank to bank transaction. Hence, you can easily transact with anyone through your phone with any kind of business you have. You can also easily bring your office anywhere you are and you can monitor what your team is doing, who is performing well and who is performing poorly.

Sales can easily grow through mobile; it is because you can answers all the inquiries anytime. You can answer people who are inquiring about your products through their mobile too. You should make sure that your website is mobile friendly so your visitors can navigate it easily through their phone.

Consumers used to compare products using their mobile because it is easier that way. If you are not thinking mobile yet then there is a slim chance that mobile users can see what you offer. By thinking mobile, you can arrange your marketing strategy that is applicable for mobile user so when they check and compare prices, they can see yours.
With mobile marketing you can make a real-time offers and promotions on the fly. According to Lumata (@LumataGroup), the best offer is mobile coupons because it is convenient, always available and can be activated and used by the user in seconds. Mobile coupons can also lead to impulsive purchases so it is an effective way of mobile marketing.
Sales manager should be thinking mobile because it is the easiest, fastest and effective way of reaching possible customers. People rely on their phone so much that they do all their transaction using it. They buy and pay without any hassle so you can get a sale too in just a matter of time.