When to Use Customer Service Games in Training


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Customer service games can add spice to a training program. I ought to know, I wrote the book! Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many games used just because–well, I’m not sure why. The game was fun, but didn’t increase learning or help participants perform better on the job.

Customer service games are fun, motivational activities. The key is to use them in conjunction with skill learning and skill use. When relevant to participants and their jobs, the games build confidence, lift morale, spark enthusiasm, stimulate creativity, and ultimately achieve results.

Games can be quick, fun energizers that raise participants’ awareness of customer service issues. Games can also be full-scale activities that teach a skill and offer participants the opportunity to practice the skill in an informal, onthreatening environment.

There are a number of ways you can use customer service games: as stand-alone training activities, as warm-ups to a more intensive training session, or in combination with one another to constitute a segments of a comprehensive customer service training event.

Following are some resources for customer service game:

And if you need to plan a more comprehensive training event, check out one of these:


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