When to Choose Ruby on Rails for Development?


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When To Choose ROR Development


Getting a software solution developed for your business is not at all easy. It can be all the more challenging for people who are not well acquainted with the intricacies of website and mobile app development. Also, seeing such a large number of languages and frameworks is very much difficult to know about all of them. Most of the time business owners have to rely on the app development team which they hire and have to go by their words.

If you have hired an app development company, you must ask them everything about your project, starting from the language and technology used to the reasons behind using that technology. Being the owner, you must know how using that language or framework can benefit your project, and are there any other better alternatives available that can be used instead. Choosing the right set of tools and technology is very important for the success of your website or an app.

There are multiple languages and frameworks accessible in the market, and people often get disoriented about which one to choose and what kind of technology will suit their project. Some most popular languages are Python, PHP, JAVA, Ruby on Rails, and many more. These days most people are confused between PHP vs. Python vs. ROR, as they are the most popular frameworks that are available, and even web developers swear by using these frameworks for creating scalable and powerful web apps for their business.

Today in this article, we are going to talk about one such popular web app framework that is being used by many companies and especially startups. Also, we are going to discuss a few points on what kind of business should opt for this framework and how it can benefit your business. So, let’s begin.

What is Ruby on Rails?

In our earlier blogs, we have already discussed a lot about this web app framework, so today, we are going to talk in brief about it. Ruby on Rails, often known as ROR, is an open-source web app framework that was developed to simplify the process of programming. Writing codes and creating attractive web apps was never too easy and fun until this framework was launched in this market. In fact, it is one of the top programming languages that coders and developers learn in America.

RoR is one of the favorite frameworks by start-ups to create web solutions for their business. And not only just start-ups, even some big companies like GitHub, SoundCloud, Shopify, YellowPages, are using ruby on rails development services for their projects.

There are a number of reasons to use ROR for web development, and we have already written a detailed blog on this. But here is a concise list of a few reasons:

• Budget-friendly
• Easy to read and write
• Early time to market
• Scalability

Now that you know a little about RoR, let us discuss, for what kind of project you should use this framework.

When to Choose Ruby on Rails Development

Now talking about the web development process, one of the most challenging parts is deciding the right framework for your project. Not all frameworks are suited for all kinds of projects, so based on the project requirements, developers choose the framework.

As per a highly rated ROR web development company, not all clients are aware of the technology, and are confused about how to proceed with the web development process.” And this is common with most of us. There may be chances that you are planning to expand your business and web solution in the future but your technology does not support scalability, or if your app requires payment integration but the chosen technology is not that secure. A wrongly chosen technology can snatch your chances to success and hence, people do comprehensive research before finalizing one for their projects.

Coming to Ruby on Rails, RoR developers love using this framework for projects that require high-performance. Every technology or programming language has its share of advantages and is developed to solve problems related to web development. So, before you make you decision whether ROR is a perfect match for your project, let’s understand a few points first:

Problems Ruby on Rails Can Solve


If you are planning to have a web app for a business that requires integrating various payment channels or keeps a track of user’s data, then picking a proficient Ruby on Rails development company as your development partner is a perfect choice.


Now when you plan to have an app for your business, scalability is the first concern. No one wants to get an app, which is not scalable or is unable to accommodate a large number of users. RoR is one such framework that is capable of creating powerful and highly scalable web apps for your business.

Low on budget

Being a startup, collecting money, or finding investors is the major bump in your journey. And when you are already short of money or have a limited budget, you cannot spend too much on your app development. Finding the framework and right team of RoR developers that can create a solution of your dream in just the right budget is important and Ruby on Rails perfectly fits this requirement.

Less time to launch your app

Introducing your app at the right time in the market is very important for its success. There is no point in creating an app and not introducing it in front of your users at the time when they need it. So, ROR is known for agile development and it ensures that your web app is created at just the right time so that you can reap all the profits out of it.


RoR is best known to create apps that are simple and minimalistic looking but this framework does not compromise with the features. You may hire ror developer to create fully-functional, feature-rich, and engaging web apps for your business, which are not only captivating but have simple elements that can woo your users.

What kind of projects can be developed using Ruby on Rails

Not that you know what problems you can solve, let’s see the kinds of projects that this web app framework is best suited for. If you are planning to get a web app developed for any of these, then you must consider RoR development and hire RoR developers for your project.

• Interactive eCommerce stores
• Web portals
• Stock exchange web apps
• Dating apps
• Social networking apps
• e-wallet apps
• SaaS-based apps

Wrapping Up

ROR development is in huge demand these days and not just for developers even business owners love getting their web solutions developed using this framework. Not only it offers the flexibility of development, but it allows a ROR development company to create and apps that are scalable and robust. In the web development world, where everything changes so fast and with upcoming trends and changes in technology, this framework is also continuously evolving. the latest updates have all the more advanced modules and libraries that add to its security and ease of development. This framework allows ROR developers to test the app simultaneously with the development process, which not only speeds up the development process but also ensures that the final outcome is error-free.

Using this web app framework, RoR developers can easily create even the most complex project with ease and fun. We hope that this article has cleared all your doubts related to using RoR and if your projects fall under any of the above categories, then you can easily pick a skilled RoR development company for your project and enjoy the benefits of it.

Jitu Bhaskar
Jitu Bhaskar is the founder of SemiDot Infotech, a mobile app and website development company that has made a global presence in a relatively short time. Jitu Loves working with Startups and Entrepreneurs to create a better world and has a keen interest in the Blockchain, AI, AR/VR, along with other emerging technologies.


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