What would you do if you had 30 extra minutes?


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Thanks to Chris Brogan for a recent post at chrisbrogan.com on the same subject. He asks the same question.

So what is our answer as you are a frontline Supervisor? Would you spend time catching-up on email? Finishing-up a report? Finally get a chance to take a lunch-break?

How about this – what you spent the 30 minutes focusing on an employee that really needs some coaching or hands-on mentoring? If it has been a while since you took a walk, why not tell someone you will be back in a bit and ask an employee to take a walk with you. Three laps around the parking lot should give you both some fresh air – and more importantly give you 30 minutes of unencumbered time with someone that could really use some feedback and mentoring…

What would you do? What is your suggestion?


  1. Great point. I couldn’t agree with you more… the only thing I would add is to expand that practice both up and across the organization. Some days take your employees, but other days invite someone from another department whether that be up, across or even down another “rung” of the organization chart. Too often people fall into cliques at work and fail to expand their knowledge and understanding of others. If you’re in marketing, a 30-minute walk with the newest associate in the IT help desk could open a world of insights and opportunities. Same applies to asking for a little time with leadership in HR.

  2. Raelin – wow – you took a good idea and made it GREAT! I love it. 30 minutes can make a difference in all directions! Thanks for your comment and idea!


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