What’s Wrong With Our Business? Dare You Ask?


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What questions do you ask to recruit the right people who want to work for you? I was working with a group of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders last week and we got discussing the problems of finding the best people. The consensus was that that culture fit was more important than technical competence and experience! But how to do that?

Among the discussion, a great suggestion was this question:

‘What’s wrong with our business?’

followed by:

“What should we do about it?’

The reasoning put forward by the very successful entrepreneur who’s suggested it was that it shows potential employees that they are expected to question and challenge him, that suggestions for improvement are encouraged and it also checked whether they’d done any research before they came for the job!

I think it’s a great question, but it got me thinking – why limit this question just to potential recruits?

Why not ask your current staff?

If you’re really brave…. why not ask your customers?

Go on…. I dare you!


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