What Do You Do When You Lose a Deal


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No matter how good you are, you are bound to lose some deals to your competition. However, all is not lost. As they say, “Losing a battle doesn’t mean you shall lose the war”.

How you respond and act in such a situation can go a long way in ensuring you continue to succeed in selling.

Here are a few questions that could help you in making the most from the lose sale:

  • Do you thank the prospect for giving you an opportunity to compete for their business?
  • Do you wish them success with their purchase?
  • Do you ask for feedback about what they liked in your product/service /engagement and what could be improved?
  • Do you ask for a referral?
  • Do you go back and check if the purchase was successful and it they were able to achieve their objectives with the purchase?
  • Do you stay connected with your prospect?
  • Do you share interesting articles or information to your prospect?
  • Do you ask them how and on what could you work together?

Do ask yourself these questions and decide to do whatever you think is possible.

These are fairly simple things that you could do and will leave a lasting impression about you and your organization.

Most importantly, these are the right things to do as well.

What are the things that you do when you lose a deal? Do share what you do when you lose a deal by commenting below or by tweeting to me at @rmukeshgupta.com.

Happy selling!


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