What Online Printing Merchandise Businesses Should be doing Right Now!


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You are doing everything to keep your business relevant in this COVID-19 crisis. You want people to remember your business as the one that not only provides great products but cares about their customers.

And here, half of your work is done. Because everybody remembers KINDNESS and it pays off.

However, the success of every online business is based on two major things: (i) Products (ii) Marketing

And sometimes it can be hard to shift your focus on the products that would actually appeal to people. For example, in your catalog, there are some trending products engulfing half of your revenue share and not all of your products will be in-demand. Hence, it is time to apply some minor or major changes for a better tomorrow. Here’s the list:

Focus on what’s trending: Focus on stocking up on trending products that people actually need and would love to buy from you. Research, go through reports, and find out what people actually want. For example, custom T-shirts for fund-raising, thanksgiving t-shirts, etc.

For the in-depth guide, you can also join our webinar, Staying Relevant, on 27th June. We will share which products you need in your Printing Merchandise catalog to operate your business normally.
Adjust Pricing: The surge in the pricing we experienced was for Hand-sanitizers & other COVID-19 utilities. However, it is important to identify the product category you are currently offering. If it is an essential good like groceries, commercial products like signage, consumers would have the highest needs for it even if the prices are high. However, this is not the time to make the highest profits. It is time to sell consciously and build relationships that would last long.

Give Priority to Local Buyers: Due to travel and shipping restrictions, many printers may not be able to ship orders to remote locations. Hence, the local customers are your buyers. List down the remote locations where you can deliver orders, and notify your customers about the changes. Where you cannot deliver, for now, you can ask them to Wishlist their products and place orders once restrictions are eased.

Prepare for Tomorrow with Custom Products: If it weren’t for the virus, your customized product business for t-shirts, mugs, would be in high demand. However, what is trending currently is, custom products like fundraiser t-shirts, thanksgiving, saying thank you to our warriors, custom signage for hospitals, health caste clinics, new businesses, etc. To find what other products you can and should be targeting, join us for this FREE webinar, Staying Relevant. We will be sharing how printing businesses can accelerate during a crisis like COVID-19.

Retain existing customers: Because that’s the place where you get the maximum revenue. Hence, it is important to retain your existing customers in the first place. Even if there is no new purchase from their side, ask them how they are holding up. Start a conversation and then just listen to them. Then point out how you can help them, brainstorm the solutions, and help them in any possible way. Because they are the ones who will stay with you for longer.

This is an opportunity and you gotta seize it

It is not a disaster, or destruction but rather an opportunity. As a business owner, it is time to use this by all means and look for areas in a new way. Technology can be your best friend, so have a long-term vision and start working to sail through.


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