What Makes Customers Trust an Online Business?


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Whether you own your own business or manage social accounts for someone else, you know that you need to get visitors to trust your brand before you can convert these visits into sales. If you want to build your online brand, then you have to find out what makes potential clients trust your brand in a world flooded by so much doubt. Customer trust is more vital to brand survival now than it ever has been.

The good news is that you’ll find growth comes naturally once you’ve figured out the secret to gaining trust. Revamping how your online presence interacts with others is a good start.

Glowing Reviews that Don’t Look Phony

People are in the first stage of their customer experience journey are looking for the most basic information. Once they’ve made a conscious decision to make a product, however, they begin to look toward what other customers are saying for advice. When customers come across a brand that’s loaded with glowing reviews that all appear to be professionally written, they often assume that they’ve been hiring shills to write for them.

As soon as a product begins to sell well, people will start to generate natural buzz about it which can lead to further sales. Getting people to write reviews when a product is new can be much more difficult, however. If you’re just starting out and find that customers aren’t leaving reviews, then consider asking them to take surveys for cash so they feel they’re getting something out of it. You might also want to offer them discounts on future purchases in exchange for their opinions. While it might seem counterproductive, having one or two negative reviews in a sea of positive ones can help your brand because it reduces suspicions that you’re hiring shills.

Social Media Posts that Seem Natural

Netizens may also be distrustful of online businesses that only seem to have promotional posts on social media. If you look at any major successful brand, then you’ll find that customers are creating their own social posts about them. Habitual consumers of social media have a tendency to trust these brands because it looks like real-world people use their products or services.

Use social media for more than just mindless promotion. Some people prefer to use their social accounts to talk business. Engage with customers directly on these platforms and answer their questions. It’s an excellent PR opportunity that could end up generating the kind of natural buzz you need.

Connect With your Customers on an Emotional Level

Content is still kind no matter what anyone says. The first step to establishing trust is to emotionally connect with your potential clientele. Avoid technical jargon in your copy. Create articles and product descriptions that people can relate to.

People who aren’t agreeable aren’t trustworthy. As someone involved in eCommerce, your main focus always needs to be on getting your potential customers to like you. Eye-catching landing pages are important to drive traffic to your main page. Users want to be able to see pictures and videos that showcase what you have to offer.

However, don’t overdo it because over half of all website traffic in the world now comes from mobile devices. These users won’t like pages that don’t resolve well.

Upfront Information About Shipping Costs

Numerous eCommerce sites don’t display extra costs associated with shipping and handling on their pages. Considering how high cart abandonment rates are, it’s easy to assume that at least some of these consumers are turned off by what they perceive as sudden surprises when they go to pay. Make sure you’re honest about any extra fees before customers get ready to open their wallets.

Display Trust Badges and Payment Provider Logos

Would you share your payment information with a site you weren’t sure was secure? Of course you wouldn’t, and your customers won’t either. Display your trust badges and payment provider logos somewhere that people can see them. They illustrate to your customers that they can trust you with their credit cards and PayPal accounts. Tech-savvy buyers will also want to see some evidence of you employing SSL technology to protect them.

There’s No Substitute for a Winning Personality

Chances are that your potential clients want to do business with someone they feel cares about their needs. Demonstrate to your customers that you’re a friendly expert who cares about their experience. All the technology in the world can’t replace a winning personality when it comes to developing trust.


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