What Makes an Apparel Store Attractive to Customers?


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Aesthetics are essential for pretty much everything — when you go to buy a house, you want one that looks good. Or even when you are booking a hotel room, you look for a property that is easy on the eyes and offers an aesthetically pleasing experience among other things. This assertion also holds in the context of apparel and fashion websites as well, especially considering that one of their foundational elements is grace and style. It is easier to say that regular aspects, such as quick load times, user-friendliness, responsiveness, and more aren’t essential for such websites. We are merely saying that experts concede companies would do well to focus more on UI and UX of their fashion e-commerce websites.

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And this is not a bad thing at all; it is far from it. You see UX design offers tremendous potential when it comes to putting together proper and connected interfaces as well as exciting user experiences. And as any apparel website owner will tell you, these two factors are critical to the business also, customers are typically inclined towards retail in the context of fashion, which translates into cut-throat competition from those who operate in the digital realm. It suffices to say that a visually distinctive only shopping experience is key to converting sales.

So, we put together some quick pointers about what makes such websites more appealing to customers.

1. Detailed brand identity: It is practically sinful for an apparel website to be lacking when it comes to visual branding. To deliver compelling user experience, a fashion website needs to focus on things besides the logo, elements like the font, the color palette, packaging, and more. So, be sure to develop comprehensive guidelines for visual branding to make sure the shopping experience you put forth is unwavering.
2. Ditch the traditions: Templates can be very tempting, but if you want customers to notice what you have to offer, the website MUST stand out from the crowd. Aim for not just better usability, but exhilarating visual appeal to drive better traffic to your site. And don’t confuse distinctive brand identity with extraordinary website design — they are both different and yet equally important.
3. Leverage the negative space: A fashion website typically has lots of negative space because it alludes affluence and elegance. So, avoid a cluttered design at all costs. How? It’s quite simple — avoid the urge to fill up these spaces with a call to action buttons, banners, and more, no matter how much you feel compelled to do it.
4. Go easy on the text: As the discussion above demonstrates, the visuals are crucial to ensure you have an appealing apparel website design. So, limit the use of writing only for the delivery of information that you deem necessary for a seamless shopping experience.

As much as one may want it, the truth is there’s no ‘one size fits all’ kind of approach for apparel website design. But with that, it is imperative to remember that useful UI and UX design are the bedrock of high-quality user experience.


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