What is the first step to customer centric?


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Dr. Jodie, we are ready to transform our customer experiences in the New Year. What are the first steps? – Jane B.

Thank you for your question, Jane. When you undertake what we call the Quality Assurance Transformation Process, the first steps you must take is to change your way of thinking from the product or company mindset to a customer-centric one. You may think, but we are doing that Jodie. Forgive me for doubting. Saying that you are doing it and actually doing it are entirely different. Case and point: why would you need to transform your customer experiences in the New Year? This shift is substantial and affects the processes, people and sometimes philosophies of a call center.

We find a really helpful place to start when call centers are serious about impacting their customers’ experiences through QA Transformation is to ask themselves the 4 Vital Questions which are:

1) How are we, as an organization, doing at representing our company to customers?

2) What can we, as an organization, do to get better at representing our company to customers?

3) How is this particular agent doing at representing our organization to customers?

4) What can we, as managers, do to help this agent get better at representing our organization to customers?

Once you’ve answered these questions honestly, you can identify the gaps that exist in your organization and where you should start in order to become more customer centric. My guess is that you are heavily focused on #3 with little attention and true processes for the others. When it comes to shifting your mindset, you must clearly understand from where you are starting before you can identify where you need to go.

I hope this information is helpful to you, Jane. as you embark on your transformation process. Be sure to download our new eBook to avoid the common pitfalls in the Quality Assurance Transformation process.

–Dr. Jodie


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