What are the e-learning trends & predictions for 2022?


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The past two years have been very destructive for both the livelihood as well as businesses. With pandemic taking a grip over the world, companies across the world have been forced to rethink, how they can conduct their business is running and how they can supply their services to the users. Along with that, people were forced to go outside to leverage their seeking services.

Considering the educational industry, learning and teaching both have suffered a lot. Both the sectors- learning and teaching invested a large amount of the year in revamping the strategies to adjust to the new environment and brought a way to spread education during the time of social distancing & home quarantine. Many have turned towards virtual teaching and online learning from their traditional method of learning in classrooms which have been settled as a productive move for the e-learning industry.

Even, before the pandemic, e-learning had been growing at a great pace but the pandemic worked as a catalyst in its growth acceleration. Now, it’s being important to know that what is coming in the future for e-learning and about the growth of interest in the e-learning domain.

After gathering some insights from the education industry experts & top e-learning app development companies, we have curated some of the major e-learning trends that will grab growth in the future.

Benefits of e-learning in corporate training

60% increased knowledge retention, 30% increased productivity, 18% boost employee engagement

Top countries with highest e-learning adoption rates

India with 53%, China with 52%, Malaysia with 41%, Romania with 38%, Poland with 28%.

List of e-learning trends and predictions for 2022:

As the e-learning industry has experienced gigantic growth after the pandemic, this industry has been benefited greatly from changes in learning habits and a rise in virtual inclination. The following e-learning trends and predictions for 2022 will help you to transform your learning into a smart one.

Mobile-first Learning

Talking about the very first and effective trend of e-learning is Mobile learning. It is the most under-explored e-learning trend by companies, higher educational organizations, institutions and other agencies. Because over billion of population half of the population uses smartphones. And most organizations have failed in creating mobile-friendly platforms for their employees to get some learnings. Hence, building mobile learning as a platform for the organization’s ward is more than an effective task that can yield a positive output. The pandemic has made various organizations adopt mobile apps for their companies and employees to continue their learning and research tactics.

Adaptive Learning

Talking about the second e-learning trend adaptive learning, In adaptive learning personalization, calculations and preparation of learning has been done.

With adaptive learning, employees, students & learners can have adaptable learning calculation, preparation & plans. Students can pick their own learning way. Students can gain from the content at their speed. Along these lines, representatives see this preparation as a chance and not as an enterprise to be finished.

Adaptive learning will guarantee that students get the right data gave in the right measurement and spans. Adaptive learning will be an excellent trend in 2021 & 2022.

Social Learning

Social learning includes straightforward cooperation between associates in the working environment. It’s discovering that occurs through different modes like casual talks, discussions, and sharing meetings. The natural idea of social learning makes it exceptionally practical. In addition, social preparation is available, open, effective, and relevant to the cutting edge working environment, because of the remarkable development of social platforms and vigorous specialized devices.

Big Data in learning

Everything about the modern working environment is evolving. The method of work, representative conduct, and learning propensities. Even better, the segment shifts over the most recent couple of many years imply that another kind of worker is gracing the work environment. This load of variables, consolidated, implies that the method of preparing for bygone eras may not be viable in the present professional workplace. Therefore, your preparation should develop with evolving needs.

This is the place where big data comes into the image. Big data is tied in with outfitting the force of the information gathered by frameworks you use. For instance, in case you are running a preparation module, the information could be the students’ development, test results, course finish rates, social preparing effectiveness, or whatever other data that applies to your preparation.

By gathering and examining this information, associations can adjust to preparing for the one-of-a-kind requirements of their students. It monitors student exercises during preparing, for example, the errors they make, the hardships they face, and that’s just the beginning. The framework then, at that point gives bits of knowledge that empower you to change your learning cycle to make it more versatile.

Artificial Intelligence in Learning

A few overviews show that Artificial Intelligence (AI) proceeds to develop and will keep on being the main trend in the innovation space for quite a long time to come. No big surprise, many huge names are locking on to it as it will assist individuals with gaining admittance to content and help.

We solidly trust AI is a significant trend. It is progressively being utilized for automating a few commonplace or routine businesses that were finished by people only a couple of years prior, empowering people to zero in on assignments that require higher-order thinking abilities. Perhaps the greatest trend has been measure-based robotization.

In the digital learning space, Artificial Intelligence plays a major part to play in 2021 and then some. It will assist with customizing learning encounters, decipher the data or the reports produced for the courses taken, and improve suggestions.


Microlearning platforms have filled somewhat recently and will keep on developing further tools for students to get to effectively reduced down learning. There are a few microlearning platforms since the plan is to assist students with learning subjects rapidly and successfully. While some utilize evaluation as their center technique, others use courses and gamification to make the learning stick. The accentuation has been on execution, and that is assisting associations with receiving rich benefits.

Game-based learning

Gamification in e-learning alludes to the use of fun game mechanics to drive learner engagement and lift standards for dependability. At first, it was discounted as a trendy expression. Nonetheless, the strategy has proceeded to resist all chances and secure itself as a mainstay of present-day e-learning methodologies. Today, organizations of various kinds and sizes are using gamification to build the viability of learning.

Gamification permits ventures, just as learning organizations, to make elusive motivations that drive effective preparing results. The motivating force can be a gift voucher or a monetary prize, intended to initiate a portion of inner contest among workers. Organizations use gamification to further develop representatives’ skills in a connecting way.

Content Curation

Numerous associations know that the web just as their insight bases has a gigantic archive of content and data. They likewise realize that clients would lean toward content that is the most pertinent to the subject that they need to learn. For this, associations are embracing content curation. In any case, content curation should be done in a successful or rather, brilliant way. More intelligent content curation helps track down the right learning content for the students.

Content curation will turn out to be more modern and transform into outstanding amongst other approaches to make high student commitment.

Video-based learning

There are a lot of motivations to accept video as the eventual fate of learning. To begin with, video is outwardly engaging, intelligent, and captivating. This load of components helps video content hold the student’s consideration longer than different types of learning. Even better, it advances a fast circulation of information, upgrades content utilization, and expands degrees of consistency.

Prominently, the more extensive reception of recordings is making swells in the e-learning business. The best thing about video recordings is that they conquer the detachment of conventional recordings. Likewise, they support students’ commitment using appraisals and interactivities. Given that the capacity to focus on the present student is on a descending twisting, the intuitive video is a convenient intercession.


Regardless of whether they are learning technology trends or the learning content trends, the trends will keep on affecting how students take in and associations profit with these modalities and intercessions. While students will want to apply they’re figuring out how to work better and hold the learning, associations will save a few working hours in preparing if these devices and procedures are executed successfully. To get the complete overview of e-learning trends, get in touch with the eLearning app development company.


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