What Are the Challenges Faced In Doctor On-Demand Application Development?


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In previous times, people often need to visit a doctor after taking an appointment. But, things have changed after the invention of the latest technologies and the COVID-19 outbreak. After this pandemic crisis, patients refused to visit the hospitals and avoid public gatherings. This is where the rise in on-demand doctor app development increased. Such applications have made it easier for both the patients and doctors to stay in touch for the required treatment.
Doctor On-demand App
With the rising demand for doctor app development, professionals started encountering different challenges, resulting in app failure and decreased patient appointments. So, if you are a healthcare professional planning to get a successful doctor on-demand app, there are a few challenges you should know and address right away. But, before discussing the challenges, you need to understand ‘What is an on-demand doctor app?’ ‘How doctor on-demand app works?’ and the current market stats of a doctor on-demand app.

What Is Doctor On-Demand App?

An on-demand doctor app is a software that enables healthcare professionals and patients to connect virtually. This application contains valuable features that make it easier for both the doctor and patient to book an appointment, get the treatment at home, and pay the bill digitally.

Overall, the application is a mini-version of a hospital where patients can search doctors nearby, take their consultation, and get treated without stepping out of their homes. All this would have never been possible without the invention of the latest tools and technologies that we are implementing nowadays for on-demand doctor app development solutions. There is an infinite list of benefits of doctor on-demand app offers which is clearly stated from the following market stats.

Current Market Statistics Of On-Demand Doctor App

As per reports, during COVID-19, US and other country patients had to wait around 24 days or even a month to get their treatment. This is where the on-demand doctor app became the need of an hour for both the patients and healthcare professionals. Also, it is predicted that the global healthcare app market will grow from 2.4 billion in 2021 to 11 billion dollars by 2025. This figure clearly states the rise in demand for doctor app and the importance of having one in today’s digital world.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on-demand healthcare app development solutions from a well-known and leading organization.

How On-Demand Doctor App Works?

Doctor on-demand application makes the medical service available both online and offline. Though every doctor appointment app has its own working logic, the average workflow of on-demand doctor app goes in the following ways –

1. To receive treatment from the doctor online, a patient must first register, create a profile, and enter a detailed description of his/her symptoms.

2. On the other side, doctors have to register their profile, share their years of experience or specialization, and mention the consultation price for an on-demand doctor appointment.

3. The doctor’s profile gets verified by a team of professionals to avoid fake profiles. The experts also check the specialization and qualification.

4. Next, the patients search for online doctors nearby by mentioning specific health problems. After that, they make calls, send a message, or schedule an appointment using an in-app calendar.

5. Once the appointment is fixed, the doctor communicates with the patient regarding their health problem over a video consultation. After understanding the symptoms and discussing the problem, a doctor assigns necessary lab tests and asks for the required medications.

6. As soon as the video consultation is done, a patient has to pay via a built-in payment gateway for seeking online healthcare solutions. Once the payment is made, a receipt is provided to the patient along with prescribed meds and doctor’s recommendations.

So, this is how a doctor’s on-demand mobile app development process works. Now that the process of the on-demand doctor app is revealed, it is time to start working on your project.

Major Challenges in Doctor on Demand App Development

challenges of on-demand doctor app

The following is the list of major challenges that both developers and healthcare professionals encounter while working on doctor app development.

Challenge 1 – User Experience

Working out on great UX/UI design for patient app, doctor app, and admin panel holds vital importance in ensuring the success of an application. The UX/UI design of a doctor app varies from one niche to another. Each doctor on-demand app has two components – one for the patient and another for the physician. Sometimes, it becomes challenging for the developers to keep both components separated.

Overcoming this challenge will create a significant difference in building a robust doctor on-demand app development.

Challenge 2 – Security

Security is a primary concern for most people and a big challenge for doctor appointment mobile app development. In today’s time, every patient wants their personal details and other data to be safe and stable. To overcome this, developers should send & receive encrypted data and use third-party servers complying with the rules & regulations to make mobile app development safer.

This is how the security issue for doctor on-demand app can be resolved lifelong and helps win the patients’ trust.

Challenge 3 – Backend Integration

Communication transparency is essential for developing a successful doctor on-demand app development. To accomplish this, make sure both the app versions include backend integration. It is a separately built server that seeks to arbitrate data sharing between patient and doctor to facilitate smooth communication.

Also, to keep your patients’ data protected, make the doctor appointment app HIPPA compliant.

Challenge 4 – Development Approach

As ample programming languages, frameworks, and development platforms are available, it becomes challenging for doctors to make the right decision. They often get confused in choosing the right programming language. But, if you need to ensure application success, be sure about the development approach and set a realistic development timeline.

Before the app development, consider your business nature and jot down future plans to decide the type of development, i.e., hybrid, native, or web-based. The right step will decide the success of your application, so discuss it with the professionals and get the doctor on-demand app development started.

Challenge 5 – Performance

Besides developing successful on-demand doctor app and offering seamless customer experience, most developers fail to ensure top-notch app performance. This further leads to failure and loss in the healthcare sector. To overcome this challenge, focus on design performance at the initial stage of your doctor appointment app development.

An app with excellent performance can offer a good audience and bring in high ROI & profit. So, keep this factor as the top priority.

Challenge 6 – Payment/Billing Practice

A securely developed doctor on-demand app should offer patients a safe payment method, be it credit card or any other. Make sure your application should support all types of payment and billing practices without breaching the privacy policy and ensuring security. A secure app is more likely to attract the patient’s engagement than an app with unsecure payment methods and gateways.

So, to ensure the application’s success, focus more on enabling secure and safe billing practice as this will help you gain patients’ trust.

Challenge 7 – Healthcare Legislation

This is one of the most challenging aspects that most developers encounter while developing an app. While making an application, the laws relevant to data collection, storage, and processing should be subjected to the laws and regulations for different regions. For instance, you are developing a doctor appointment mobile app for US; it should be HIPPA compliant within that region.

In short, choose the doctor appointment app development company that adheres to the laws and develops an app and complies with the regulations to protect patients’ information.

Challenge 8 – Monetary Compensation

Most countries have decided to enact a healthcare parity law that is majorly based on the billing mechanism for remote patient treatment by healthcare professionals. This makes the payment process hassle-free for both parties, especially when the developer adds secure card payment, modifiers, medical insurance, and codes into the app’s use.

So, enabling monetary compensation into your doctor on-demand app development will simplify the process for all parties and result in application success.

Challenge 9 – Customer Experience

Before developing an on-demand doctor app, you need to understand that you are making it for the patient’s ease and not for yourself. Most businesses fail to understand this, and therefore, develop a complex app that becomes a significant concern for the patients.

To avoid this, it is always suggested to keep the app’s navigation easy as this will ensure a better customer experience and result in the application’s success and higher engagement.

Challenge 10 – Funding

Finally, the last yet obvious challenge businesses face during app development is funding. The reason is that most people do not consider the cost while planning for doctor appointment mobile app development. Also, they do not consult the developers regarding the same, and in the end, they fall short of the budget, which further affects their app development process.

Suppose you are the one planning for an on-demand doctor app. In that case, it is advisable to know your budget first and then search for a company that offers on-demand doctor app development solutions at reasonable prices. But, always remember that quality matters, so do not go for services that offer cheap mobile app development solutions and offer low-quality products. This could be disadvantageous for your healthcare business. Also, you need to consider some important points as mentioned below.

Major Points to Consider While Developing Doctor Appointment Mobile App

1. When picking a platform for doctor appointment mobile app development, make sure that all your requirements are met. For instance, the app should support video conferencing and more.

2. Your app should guide the new users or patients to booking an appointment, downloading reports, and more.

3. Your doctor on-demand app should be compatible enough to take the patient’s report in all formats, including png, jpg, pdf, doc, etc.

4. Inserting more features is good for an app, but this may also make the application complex. So, make sure all the features in your doctor app should be user-friendly and simple to access.

5. As healthcare professionals can’t use their medical equipment virtually, include some tools for medical checkups. Those tools will help the doctors analyze patients’ conditions and help them offer a better treatment virtually.

These are some important points that you shouldn’t miss while working on on-demand healthcare app development.

Need Successful Doctor On-Demand App? We Can Assist You!

After the COVID-19 has hit the world, things have been shifted digital, and people have started accepting the new normal. This has raised the demand for online services like doctor-on-demand app development solutions. With the launch of such applications, doctors and patients can easily connect from any corner of the world. So, you must focus on developing a doctor on-demand app that helps gain the patients’ trust and boost your app’s recognition worldwide. To ensure that your app stands out in the healthcare industry, overcome the challenges mentioned above, come up with great planning, QA, and development.

All this would have been possible with the assistance of a leading doctor appointment app development company. At Dev Technosys, we have a team of skilled designers and developers to help you develop a successful doctor app on demand. Email us your requirements, and one of our team members will get in touch with you. Together, we will work as a team and bring in great healthcare solutions and profit for your profit. Connect Now!

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