WebTV Show “How To Transform Your Customer Feedback” on SIKORSKI’S THINK ABOUTS” with Guests Reg Price and Jeannie Stewart of MirrowWave


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Our guests, Reg Price and Jeannie Stewart, Co-Founders of MirrorWave, shared their expertise on why gathering information from your customers should not just be a snapshot of a single event or anonymous and how it enables you to develop a long term customer relationship.

They explained why people hate surveys yet love being listened to. Customers appreciate interaction and telling stories about why dealing with your company is and/or continues to be a good or bad experience.

Their doctor/patient analogy is spot-on and why the same 3 questions on a feedback survey improve participation!

Thank you for clicking-in for more information, especially Reg and Jeannie’s “think abouts” and sharing on your Social Media Networks. L


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