WebTV Show “Benefits and Pitfalls of Benchmarking/Best Practices” on SIKORSKI’S THINK ABOUTS with Guest Scott Sachs


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Laura interviewed Scott Sachs, President of SJS Solutions. They began their discussion with answering – Is it a good idea to follow what someone else does?

The answer, yes . . . if you focus on ideas and processes gained from “best in class” for your industry. Scott shared ways to find information on Benchmarking/Best Practices.

He stressed not to search for specifics such as KPIs or Service Levels. Today, management should be keying-in on quality, FCR, customer satisfaction and customer experience. Metrics are important only if you understand what is behind them.

Scott discussed many best practices for scheduling and forecasting including ways to make remote/at-home workers feel part of the team.

You will be surprised on which best practices can be pitfalls!

Scott’s “think abouts” were spot-on!

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