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What is Social proof

Social proof is considered the most powerful marketing by entrepreneurs across the world. It revolves around whatever your stakeholders are saying about you or your products and services.

Social proof is the concept that suggests that people will follow the actions of the masses. The idea is that since there are many other people behaving in a certain way, then that must be the correct behavior.

For instance, let us consider a Fashion label example. Naturally, you would not purchase a pair of trousers with apparent tears. Instead, you first scrutinize the outfit to ensure it is intact. However, if many people are buying such a pair of trouser torn around the knees, then you will consider getting one for yourself to avoid being the odd one out.

This is social proof in action. Even though you know that a torn trouser is not the best choice to make when purchasing clothes, you assume it is a great deal since everyone seems to be getting one.

This idea is not new and it has lasted throughout human history.

For your online business to thrive, you need to get you connected to the internet. You require social media presence through platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The most popular form of social proof as seen in the above example is peer review. While shopping online, we look for peer review in addition to ratings to make decisions whether to buy a product or not. This type of purchasing behavior is increasing overtime and it can be a good thing to both consumers and sellers. For instance, you can never be too sure about the authenticity of a company and whether or not the quality of goods you will receive is the same as the one displayed online.

As a result, online companies are faced with big issue of eliminating doubt from potential customers. The most effective way of convincing someone looking to buy your goods online is by reviewing what other people say concerning your products and services.

In these modern times of –commerce, you can easily get social proof to work for you. You need a WordPress developer to configure your business to the right social proof software tools on WordPress. These include

Where Do You Find Social Proof

The most popular place to find extensive use of social proof is in the social media platforms. Facebook for instance, is perhaps the platform with the most thorough reviewing methods for every page, whether it is a review, rating or check-in. This information serves potential customers with a yard stake to make decision and helps them to resolve any doubt they had concerning a product.

If you are into the field of e-commerce, you will get reviews from your online store.

To boost your ecommerce through social proof, you can do the following.

1. Use Celebrity Endorsements

You might be getting skeptical about how to connect with likes of Kanye and Jay-Z or Angelina Jolie to endorse your products.

To get someone like Beyoncé to endorse your product will cost you more money than you might make from your business in the next 10 years. To avoid such impracticable situation, get regular people with a large following, especially in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If you get someone with over 500,00 thousand followers to endorse your product, you can easily promote your product to very many people within a short time, and with minimal effort to. You can also use you friends on social media with 10k, 20k, or 30k followers. You can reach out to them directly and ask them to be your brand ambassador for your business. In doing so, they will target your product to 30k or more followers increasing leads in your business. You don’t have to get Tom Cruise, anyone with a large following on the social media platforms will help you generate social proof.

2. Display Your Best Numbers

Naturally, people get attracted to large quantities. That’s the reason everyone will get curious to find out what is happening when they find a gathering in town. In the same vein, let the numbers do the magic for you. Display figures to show how many people bought your product or downloaded your e-book. Ensure to use your WordPress developer team to post this information on your website in real time.

When people visit your website and see huge figures, you will be generating social proof.

However, if you don’t have impressive numbers, it will be wise to omit them- you can get any bragging rights with 300 Instagram followers for instance. If you are in this situation, all is not gone. Start a mission to gather a large following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. When you reach somewhere around 30,000 followers, then you are ready to start posting those figures on your website.

3. Display Visual Proof of Your Production Action

Social proof is all about lifting doubts and suspicions from your potential customers. The best way to achieve this is by use of photos. Humans are visual beings and images can help to reinforce the idea that your product is genuine and actually work.

We know that electronics get damaged by water, so if you promote water resistance on your product, customers need to see it in action. This will eliminate all the skepticism from your followers and give them confidence to share the information with their peers. This way, you will have increased leads to your business by generating social proof.

4. Give Incentives to Customers to Write Reviews

You can use a dedicated WordPress developer to put sales notifications on your website to boost future sales. A sales notification is a short message containing the name of the buyer and the product they have purchased. It also shows the time the purchase was made. This helps to create a sense of urgency and boost sales.

5. Share Count

Share count is perhaps one of the greatest ways to boost view count for your blog on social media. You can let your viewers share your view count by displaying a Share Count pop-up on your website. This way, any newcomer on your website will learn about your social share count at a glance.

6. Success Story/Positive Reviews

If you have a restaurant business, it you want it to be rated with the most stars by your clients. It is unlikely for a customer to choose a restaurant with one-star rating over a one with five stars on yelp for instance. Online reviews have a major impact on your business as it directly affects social proof. This means you should not rely on one social media platform to get positive reviews. You can get WordPress developer India to set up your business with various accounts on Google, Yelp, Facebook among others. Positive reviews on your website ae a solid proof of the authenticity of your products and services. If you have a five-star rating on any major review site, ensure to include it on your website. Reviews provide effective social proof for your business. However, they can be a double-edged sword- working for you or against you.

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