Video: Is Customer Service The New Marketing?


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I recently enjoyed participated in a live online debate called, “Is Customer Service the New Marketing?” The event, hosted in a Google+ Hangout by the immensely talented Ashley Verrill of Software Advice, discussed how marketing and customer service have evolved in a world of the empowered customer.

I kicked off the discussion by talking about how the realities of business have changed over the decades. Once upon a time, businesses could count on marketers to add that patina of magic to your product, whether it was good, bad, or indifferent. A la Don Draper in the Lucky Strikes era, marketers could push the message that portrayed the brand they want to deliver.

But the Don Draper world is gone. Transparency is the new norm, and eager competition for your customers is just a click away.

What does this bode for the future — and the present — of your business? Check out the full discussion in the video here. (Sorry, my videocam wasn’t on speaking terms with Google +, as you’ll see, so try to visualize that my static headshot is actually bobbing up and down animatedly.)


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