Understanding the Golden Goose of the NPS® spectrum


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If you are familiar with the Net Promoter Score®, you should know about promoters, passives & detractors. Of the three, promoters are the loyalists, and your treasure chest. They are those customers who don’t just keep coming back to you, but recommend your business to the outside world. They are the ones who’d go out of their way and vouch for you on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, online forums and carry the same momentum offline in the form of strong, positive word-of-mouth publicity, because hey – you make them happy and happiness needs to be shared!

Why Promoters are Promoters?

Promoters are your ultimate customers. But, why do we say that? What makes them the spine of your organization?

Well, for starters, their word-of-mouth marketing initiatives will drastically reduce your marketing expenses. This means that you won’t have to spend a fortune on customer acquisition. And given that promoters are more than happy to keep coming back to you with their money, it also means that you will never have to worry about spending money on customer retention.

The point however is to know the difference between a loyal customer (promoter) and a customer who is in general satisfied with the experience you offer him. A satisfied customer will not fetch you all the benefits that a promoter will. Knowing the difference between them is crucial to understanding how to approach each of them.

The 7 precious traits of Promoters

Here are 7 traits of Promoters which sets them apart from not only passives and detractors, but also from other satisfied customers who aren’t as loyal just yet.

1. Promoters are brand enthusiasts
They will go out of their way to tell everyone that your brand is the best. And they will do so voluntarily and enthusiastically!

2. Promoters keep coming back to you
Since their experience with your brand doesn’t stop at satisfaction but ventures into delight, promoters are repeat customers, and they keep purchasing from you no matter how enticing your competitors are.

3. Promoters bring you more money
As mentioned before, they are your treasure chest. By being repeat customers and loyal advocates, they indirectly account for most of your revenue. What’s even better is that they yearn for the experience of engaging with you and care little about the price!

4. Promoters are your social media managers
After every awesome experience with your brand, they’ll tweet about it/post it right away. They will also have your back when someone attacks you on social media by defending you and explaining how awesome your brand has been to them.

5. Promoters will forgive you in case of a faux pas
In our hyper-competitive world, only the most loyal customers will forgive you if you commit a blunder or fail your customers in anyway. Not only do they forgive, but they also give you constructive feedback with respect to that incident and be your moral support during the dire times.

6. Promoters share an emotional connect with your brand
This is why they are called the ultimate customers – because their relationship with your brand is not merely transactional. You don’t just address a need for them, you make them happy. They derive much more than material satisfaction from your brand.

7. Promoters never look at straying as an option
Your ideal customers’ loyalty to you is unshakable. Their loyalty cannot be bought by flimsy discounts or any other incentives anyone else might offer. This means you should treasure them even more and make sure that they feel this way always.

Now that you have a profile of what traits make a customer a promoter (or not), how can you make sure you continue delighting them every now and then?

• Understand and make your employees understand that offering the best customer experience is a day-to-day pursuit and not something that you can ever hope to have conquered! Once they realize that Promoters also come with a shelf-life, it will be easier to customize experiences for promoters exclusively by giving them access to a new collection much before it is thrown open for all, or giving them a coupon each time they leave a constructive feedback, or even thanking them on social media for all their support, etc. Don’t take them for granted because loyalty is very hard to gain.

• Talk to them as often as you can to understand how they feel about their experience with you and why they choose you over others. You could use this insight to attract other customers who are satisfied but not loyal yet! Whatever knowledge they share, share it with your organizations and see how you wish to make use of that insight!

Be proactive. Yes! Even with promoters, be proactive. This is a treasure-zone you cannot afford to lose. Keep them happy by proactively engaging with them. Make them feel like they make the right choice, time & again, for doing business with you!

The best part about promoters is that the recommendation is not likely, but certain! They WILL recommend you to their friends & family. And it is up to you to inspire them to keep at the same level. The higher the promoters, the higher the NPS, the better your ROI.

Do you engage with your promoters innovatively? We’d love to know about your promoter engagement tips. Leave us a comment below!

Ganesh Mukundan
I'm a content marketer at Hiver. I've been writing about customer experience for the past 5 years. I'm passionate about narrating delightful customer stories, researching CX trends, and deep-diving into concepts such as VoC and Customer Journey Mapping.


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