Tried and Tested Strategy to Build Business Cases for Data Management


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Competition in the business market is increasing at a very fast pace. Therefore, the focus on the investments on the business in different areas is more critical than ever. Especially, when it comes to information technology, investments become more critical. This is because different kind of resources and finances are required from the development to the testing of the project. In this scenario, the importance of test data management becomes even more important.
Here is an effective strategy which you can follow to build business cases for data management in order to meet your business goals. Give them a read and see if your test data management game is on point or not. Here you go:

Your Case is Important Even at The Initial Phase

Test data management tools (TDM) suites or test case management tools can bring many benefits for the whole organization. Therefore, you should focus on the case from the very initial phase. This way you’ll be able to achieve more buy-in from the major stakeholders across the organization.

Know Your Approach and Width

The most important thing after determining your case is to find a reasonable approach. You should be very clear about the path you are going to follow. It doesn’t matter what your case is, you should have at least a couple of set paths as a rule of thumb for yourself to follow. It will help you to increase the velocity of your work efficiency and not mention that you’ll be able to save a lot of time.

Know Your Stakeholders

Even if you are using a tactical approach for TDM cases, it will still involve QA department efficiency and other departments of organizations may also have to work with you. Therefore, this makes them a stakeholder in your TDM strategy. Hence, they should have a weigh in the overall decisions which you are going to make to implement your strategy.

Make a Complete Cost-Benefit Analysis

Since there are a lot of stakeholders involved and the whole process of TDM itself is critical in nature, you should make a cost-benefit analysis. Different factors such as time to market, total productivity gains, number of resources required, etc. should be considered before taking the final steps.

Make Your Way Towards Success Through Testing

After sorting all the aforementioned points, it’s time to set things right with testing. All these things will make you able to perform comprehensive and fruitful testing. Your success in testing will ultimately ensure the success of the overall project. Therefore, you have to be twice as careful while performing testing for business cases for data management.

Bottom Line Is

The bottom line of any project is that you should make sure that your strategies and testing practices should align with the business goals. This is the only way to keep all the major stakeholders satisfied with your work and abilities.


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