From Touchpoint to Catchpoint


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Simply put, touchpoint is an interaction, or a point (what/who) that is touched via any channel (where/how) for a purpose (why). Touchpoint itself produces no experience. It only serves as a platform for one point in terms of people, information, deliverables to interact with another point. However, experience happens at touchpoint. Experience comes into play when people are involved, because after all, people are human beings, and human beings want experiences that are personally relevant, memorable, sensory, emotional, and meaningful.

In Stopwatch Marketing, J Rosen and A Turano define catchpoint as the time a shopper turns into a customer. In another word, catchpoint is the moment where the point is not only touched but is now being held onto.

Which is more important now: touchpoint or catchpoint? However, without touchpoint, there is no catchpoint. And what’s next after catchpoint? Tipping point?

What are the possible ways to turn touchpoint into catchpoint, and then catchpoint into tipping point?


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