Top Reasons & Common concerns when Outsourcing a project


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No business is stress-free from competition these days. Each and every task in a business process is thus very significant for hitting targets. To excel in any business, especially for the most hard-line fields like e-commerce, it is best to seek and get the support of experts. Outsourcing is the strategy in which more specialized resources are used for functions which were handled by internal staffs before. Organizations now widely depend on specialized and efficient service providers as a part of outsourcing, who becomes valued business partners.

There are many positive reasons to outsource your business tasks to experts;

  • Reducing costs
  • The major benefit of outsourcing is undoubtedly the cost-cutting. The process of outsourcing converts the fixed costs into variable costs, it helps to release the capital for investment in your business and prevent you from having large expenditures in the initial stage of your business. It also transforms your firm into the most attractive one since you are readily investing more capital into revenue hiking activities. As the temporary employees won’t perform up to your expectations, it is better to avoid hiring people for it and outsourcing will be the appropriate solution for it.

  • Improving company focus
  • Outsourcing improves the focus on the core business aspects and allows the management to allocate staff energies strategically by delegating other time-consuming processes to outside agencies. Outsourcing does not require a full-time investment of an employee. If you hire one for that, it results in two conditions: the suffering of an extremely efficient employee in their primary role, struggles and demotivation caused when they are assigned to perform beyond their skill. Outsourcing will rectify both the inefficiency and unhappiness of employees that enhance the business performance.

  • Freeing internal resources for other purposes
  • As the resource availability is comparatively low for all organizations, the process of outsourcing allows these organizations to redirect their resources, mostly people resources, from the incidental activities to customer serving activities. The organizations are able to redirect the people or the staff slots that they belong to into value-adding services. The people who focus and work internally can be then transformed into external activities that are, on the customer specific activities. Hence freeing of internal resources for other external purposes is one of the greatest benefits that you get from Outsourcing.

  • Streamlining or increasing efficiency for time-consuming functions
  • The needs and expectations of the client will be understood clearly along with your company’s goals and objectives. Working with the understanding of these elements will help the outsourcing companies to reach your business needs and requirements that help you to improve in business. It is according to the principles, practices, and accurate technologies; outsourcing companies increase the efficiency of the work that is being done and emancipate various other operations.

  • Sharing risks with a partner company
  • Outsourcing companies have been an ideal partner to the companies which rely on them. Typical outsourcing companies use top-notch technologies, which will help to immediately rectify the doubts and errors of clients. The only thing you need to do is share your thoughts with the companies. They can consider your thought and drawbacks as their own responsibility and put forward 100% effort to rectify them to generate perfect output.

  • Improved Service & Reduce labor costs
  • Outsourcing is the best solution for improved service under affordable price. Training a staff for in-house customer service is both times consuming as well as expensive while you reach various professionals who can be hired for a similar process. Outsourcing will help you to decrease the labor cost as the outsourcing team includes professionals like project manager, QC team, leaders etc. who can produce refined output and better service.

  • Saves Time
  • Another benefit of outsourcing is that they save time. The outsourcing companies are proficient to handle large outsourcing projects with less Turn Around Time (TAT) for each project. Every outsourcing company is aided with the capability to balance both the time and money. Both will be used with the utmost care and they will not be wasted.

  • Faster & Much better services
  • Better access to the latest trends and technologies in IT industry enhance the outsourcing companies to provide rapid services. Even though the services are prompt, you will never have to worry about the quality of service, as companies deliver better and accurate outsourcing services. The advanced facilities of outsourcing companies provide you with the best service before the expected time frame.

  • Increased efficiency & Flexibility
  • The work flexibility and effectiveness is the core part of outsourcing companies. You will be easily satisfied with the outsourcing company as the outsourced data will be well-refined and molded under the proficiency of a group of professionals who have absolute attention to each and every project.

Common concerns you may come across while outsourcing

It is very natural that you may face many complicated questions while you making an important decision over your business. Following are some general concerns about the process of outsourcing and reality can help you wipe out the uncertainty.

1. Are you anxious about the work time of an outsourcing company?

The working time of an outsourcing company has been the most trouble making part ever. Being an international company, sometimes you will not be able to receive the service during your office time. Best solution is to outsource for a company that works according to your working time. Whatever your working time is, the company can then deliver the data once your office time starts.

2. Worried about the file submission?

When the outsourcing company can make the file submission on time, you will be able to save the time that you allocate to review the file. You need not be engaged in the process after providing an experienced firm with proper instructions for outsourcing. A reliable company can ensure flawless and accurate outsourcing and timely file submission.

3. Project errors? You will be provided the error-free projects from us!

Every company’s biggest concern is the errors in outsourcing. Most of the Outsourcing companies commit errors in the project submitted. Being an entity that is hailed for its magnanimous servicing, it’s their prime duty to satisfy their clients using error-free data. A successful outsourcing form will always ensure you an error-free service.

4. How instruction management functions?

Every outsourcing company maintains a regular point of contact. The only thing you need to do is delivering the proper instructions. Those instructions will be strictly followed by the team of companies that includes managers, leader, QC team, and trained staffs etc. who seriously look into the project. The project management will be carried out on behalf of clients. The team will be available at that point of time receiving the suggestions from you.

5. Are you afraid of the vulnerability of quality control?

Almost every outsourcing company will have a well-authorized team of quality control. Your confidentiality is the priority of the team. Every detail that you provide will be inaccessible to outsiders of the company. The whole details will be controlled just after the final cross-checking of the entire data.

6. Are you aware of the confidentiality level that we possess?

Most of the companies are anxious about their confidentiality while they outsource with a company. According to the stringent outsourcing policy followed by majority of companies, exposing the company details is offensive. Hence your company details will remain highly confidential.

7. How the loss of control acts as an advantage?

Outsourcing to a company for your business needs is the handing over of a function of the company. The outsourcing will benefit you as hiring an expert for your business needs and works exceeding your expectations. Even though you lose some sort of control and offer outsourcing company the freedom of control in the service, you will be immensely benefited with the result.

8. How does outsourcing act as a costr your get the right enhancement!

You have to pay more for the outsourcing company than paying an expert hired for your own company. But the effect will be different as outsourcing companies will focus on accurate services delivery and promptly file submissions with the availability of proper instructions and details. Since paid service with effortless management is better than engaging in a tiresome work of recruiting an expert for your company of your own.

Outsourcing is the best way to deal with each business function at its perfection. The association with right service providers will assure quality in your business solutions and lead business towards success. No more worry about outsourcing, let your business get the right enhancement!

Shaju Devessy
Shaju Devessy Director, Business Development and Marketing for Intellect Outsource, a complete BPO & ecommerce service provider has been supporting worldwide clients since last 12 years. We offer professional ecommerce product data entry, bulk product uploading service for all worldwide shopping carts, order & inventory management, chat & email support, product description writing etc. We also complete web designing & development for all business and ecommerce store designing & development service among others.


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