Top Professionals Love Portable Modems. And You Should Better Give It a Try Too


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Portable WiFi has seen much growth in recent years and became really popular among frequent travelers and digital nomads. The truth is, the internet is at the core of our work-related activities and there are good reasons for professionals in diverse industries to invest in portable modems too.
Top professionals following the latest technological trends have already noted the benefits of having a fast and secure internet with them. It might be time for others to follow their lead and consider the option too.

A Portable Modem: Who Is It For?

So, who needs a portable modem?

A simple answer is - anyone who wants to enjoy a fast, secure, and reliable internet connection for their PCs when not at home or office.
Travelers spring to the mind first. Still, it’s not only about the travelers. Three-quarters of the workers believe flexible working has already become a new normal. What’s more, the share of people working remotely increased by 44% in the last five years, which is consistent with a steady increase in remote jobs over the last decade.

Thus, people feel increasingly in charge of choosing where to work, be it from home, cafe, or a nearby park.
The outrage of coronavirus compels and also teaches even more professionals to work away from offices and students - to study online. This way, we might be at the beginning of a profound transformation where the internet will no longer be tied to an establishment and people will prefer to have their main internet plans with them.

At the same time, a portable modem is truly helpful for people in these 5 professions:

1. Architects and designers need access to their projects and dedicated professional tools while visiting the sites.

2. Sales representatives need to access the inventory databases and marketing materials and use CRMs, which are now mostly SaaS solutions when meeting the clients.

3. Real estate agents can upload photos of new premises, browse other variants to show to the clients, and even sign contracts if they bring just a tiny portable modem with them.

4. Independent consultants often need to visit their clients’ offices; having their own wifi hotspot, they do not need to care about local network access or its security.

5. Market researchers need reliable internet when conducting fieldwork research using dedicated CAPI or retail audit solutions.

If you are working in one of these industries or feel the need for a proven internet solution you can use whenever you go, you should definitely have a closer look at portable modems and the advantages they provide.

The Benefits of Using a Portable Modem

Having a portable modem has a wealth of advantages compared to alternative solutions:

Fast and reliable internet

People are used to the fast loading of web content and any interruptions in the internet signal affect our user experience dramatically. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens if you use your mobile internet plan or free WiFi. Whether you are having a call with partners or demonstrate your portfolio to potential customers - having reliable internet is a must.


Connecting to public WiFi posses a great security risk endangering your own private data, the company you work for and its clients. Thus, it is an unacceptable practice for anyone using corporate devices or having access to sensitive corporate or clients’ data. A portable modem reduces the need to connect to third-party routers once and for all.

Saving mobile battery life

Professionals using a smartphone to share the internet to the PC must have already spotted a great disadvantage of the solution: the internet comes at the cost of the mobile’s battery life. Even if you do not suffer from nomophobia, being disconnected is quite uncomfortable in today’s world. If you use a portable modem like nect MODEM that is attached directly to your PC and charges from it, you can forget about the mobile battery life running low, carrying cables and looking for plugs.

Use for traveling

Once you invest in a portable modem, you may not worry about staying connected during the travel or a business trip. A portable modem will deliver a fast and secure internet at the prices close to the domestic ones. Thus, you will be able to avoid public WiFi and cut on roaming expenses.

Looking professional

Last but not least, having a portable modem can help those working in the field look well-equipped and professional. You will not need to stick to the locations with WiFi and plugs or ask your clients for WiFi logins and passwords. With a portable modem, your next project presentation may take place directly on the building site or even on a picturesque cliff facing breathtaking scenery.

Summing Up

A few trends seem to come together to promote the popularity of portable modems:
– The increased reliance on the internet for work
– The increased freedom to work from any location you find suitable
– The increased security risk attached to using unfamiliar WiFi networks

Top professionals in architecture, real estate, and consultancy industries are already using the available portable WiFi solutions to use an uninterrupted and secure internet connection on the go. It is time for you to consider the move?


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