Top Motivational Factors In Sales


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What Are The Top Motivational Factors in Sales?

I have been studying motivation and speaking as a motivational speaker for the past 15 years. Before I studied motivation I was in sales. I was the top sales rep for every company I worked for. I was always interested in what motivated people and more specifically, what motivated sales people.

What makes a person motivated to get up and make sales calls. What motivates a person to chase a sales deal to the end and win the business? If I could find the answers to these questions I could help hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. Even more importantly, I could become a better sales manager and sales leaderships speaker for my clients.

This is a tough question to answer because you immediately realize that there are so many external factors that impact motivational levels. So I have come up with a short list that I personally believe is a great Motivational Sales Checklist.

Motivational Sales Checklist
1. Money
2. Ability to Grow & Opportunity
3. Personal Interest
4. Success Rate


Money and other personal incentives are important factors to most people, but certainly not everyone. A good sales manager should always look beyond finances to determine what else motivates a sales rep. You should have a firm and sound understanding of your compensation plan and know how it impacts and more importantly, motivates, your sales force.  By doing this you will be able to better understand how your sales force stays motivated.

Ability to Grow & Opportunityplant-growing

Having the ability to consistently improve your situation over time is a key motivational factor in sales. This means that you are providing access to new learning opportunities and professional growth opportunities. Workshops, motivational keynote speakers & discussions with your sales reps can help boost your sales forces morale.

Personal Interest

Your sales force should have a strong personal interest in your product or service in a healthy way. They like it, they believe in it and you’re aligning their personal interest with their professional interests appropriately. Work that becomes personally interesting is the type of work that is truly rewarding to them, which makes it more meaningful. Having a deeper meaning behind your work improves motivational levels drastically.

Success Rate & Goals

In order to have a long-term motivational drive in sales, you must have a success rate that matches your goals or close to them. Setting and achieving goals is important to keeping your motivational juices flowing. Continuously succeeding in your chosen field of endeavor is some of the most rewarding and motivating accomplishments you will ever experience. Understanding how you can continuously help your employees meet their goals and crush their targets then you have mastered the art of being a successful sales manager.

Always make sure that you are looking to these four core areas of motivation in sales to help your team achieve their goals. Your motivational levels will improve if you approach these four core areas with a strategy and an end goal in mind. Learn more about sales leadership by reading Sales Leadership 3.0 published by The Sales Coaching Institue.


  1. When it comes to sales, motivation certainly is the key. Sure, you can be skilled when making sales calls, but if you have no motivation to pick up the phone, you won’t meet your goals. The first thing any sales rep needs to work on is their motivation.


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