Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2019


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Smartphones have gained a ubiquitous presence in our everyday life. The smartphone wakes you up in the
morning, brings a message via WhatsApp; you listen to music, watch the news, send office project report,
and do many other things. According to a report by TouchPoint, today as many as 2.1 billion people in the
world have a smartphone.

Wider usage of smartphones

People aged 25 years and older use smartphones as many as 264 times a day. This includes texting and
calling. The amount of time spent on using the smartphone is close to 10 hours. This is the amount of time
invested for sleeping by this age group.

The 2019 scenario

It looks unbelievable but is a fact. The use of mobile apps and smartphones is not going to come down in
2019. Use of mobile applications is likely to show a different trend. We’re going to discuss the various
trends in app development in 2019.
According to research, there are likely to be 11 mobile app trends and other related facts that are going to
happen in 2019. They’re as follows:

1. AMP is going to change web scenario

Google’s AMP project has been in operation a year. The recent announcement by Google made its plan
public on bringing out a separate index for the mobile web. This will cause changes completely in trends in
development of mobile app, particularly from web application and SEO standpoint.
Web apps supported by AMP load faster on smartphones and reduce drastically the bounce rates.
Publishers also benefit from AMP because of improved visibility leading to a greater number of visitors.
Therefore, AMP going to be trends in 2019.

2. More significant role of VR & AR

Maybe you’re aware of trends in modern mobile app and therefore, VR and AR are familiar to you.
VR & AR made news in 2017 in the gaming and entertainment industry.
Games such as Pokemon Go, Sky Siege and myNav and iOnRoad are classic examples of AR-enabled
games. Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard Samsung Gear VR are getting more popular in VR.
Digi-Capital research paper says that VR and AR software are going to play a significant role in 2019.
Though VR is not expected to show fast growth, development of AR application will move ahead.
AR has found numerous applications in training workforce in big businesses.
Therefore, users should get ready to experience the new trend of VR and AR in 2019.

3. AI will be a reality

According to Gartner, artificial intelligence (AI) is going to multiply by 300% since 2017. machine learning
techniques and Systems in AI are going to play a more powerful role in 2019.
Such advantages have prompted companies such as Facebook, eBay to start acquiring startups expertise in
AI and machine learning.
The great AI apps that have come up so far include Siri, Google Now, Prisma. They have raised new
prospects in the upcoming year.

4. Cloud-enabled mobile apps

Cloud technology has become familiar over the past few years with everyone – whether it is professionals,
customers or other stakeholders. Cloud computing has gained a significant position in today’s technology
evolution and development. We can get high-quality mobile apps that directly bring data from cloud and
occupy minimal space in the memory of Smartphone.
Dropbox, Onedrive and Google Drive are a small drop in a large ocean. Research by Cisco shows that
globally, cloud apps are going have a share of 90% mobile data used in 2019. Mobile cloud traffic is going
to grow at a double-digit rate: 11 times the compound yearly growth rate.

5. More effective micro apps and enterprise apps

Enterprise mobile applications help businesses to streamline, reset restructure and manage the critical
processes that happen on a day to day basis.
Research by Adobe shows 77% business find enterprise apps to be beneficial. By 2021, the market size for
enterprise apps is estimated to amount $430 billion.
Evernote is a classic example of enterprise mobile app.. Using this app, professional teams can collaborate.
Micro apps that are of good quality include Facebook Messenger, or to do list app.

6. Security in apps is in focus

Gartner predicts that 75% of mobile apps are going to fail the basic security test. A study by HP, 70.6% can
access external storage and of this 94.7 % include logging methods, and. these are mater of concerns.
Hackers will continue to take advantage of the loopholes in mobile apps to steal sensitive and confidential
information. Such negative trend in mobile application development is likely to continue.
If you add JavaScript framework, it can come to rescue. They can help you bring secure and scalable mobile

7. Wearable devices capture attention

Research by IDC (International Data Corporation) reveals the wearable devices market is going to expect a
composite yearly growth rate of 20.3% resulting in 213.6m units being shipped by 2020.
The wearable devices that have come up so far include Apple Watch series, Google Daydream view, Pebble
2, Fitbit Flex 2, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and the like.
These devices prove that is the way they are going is just not limited to healthcare industry. It shows that
they are going to become a salient trend in mobile application development the year.

8. M-commerce, a new trend

These days, in place of credit/debit cards, an increasing number of customers are choosing Google Wallet
app. It, thus, is driving m-commerce. Wearable devices also feel the growth of m-commerce 2019. These
devices will to play a significant role in future in M-commerce.

9. IoT will be more important

The Internet of things (IoT) has become a significant trend thanks to the fast adoption of cloud-based apps.
The size of IoT related growth is going to happen from 157.05$ billion in 2016 to 661.74$ billion. IoT is
going to become a major trend in 2019.

10. Beacons & location-based services

Today, integrated location-based services such as Apple’s iBeacons and Google Beaccons are a few popular
Use of Wi-Fi will go beyond hotels, retail outlet, and healthcare. The Wi-Fi enabled apps are going to be
more in the year with related location-based information.

11. Swift is faster now

Swift, the most recent programming language for iOS developers is going to play a significant role in 2019.
Of course, even though it is simpler than objective C, it will replace objective C.
Swift 2, the new version comes with developer-friendly features.

5G Wireless

5G wireless will expand potential outcomes. Applications that take a few minutes to download in 4G
technologies will take just a few seconds in 5G.
Hundred times faster than 4G, 5G goes beyond applications market as the prospects of applications will be


In mobile app technologies, software developers cannot afford to rely on obsolete tools. 2019 will witness
great potential in mobile apps. Developers can boost their skills better if they leverage to adapt the trends.
these friends then it will be rightly in the greater interest of your business.

Thanh (Bruce) Pham
Thanh (Bruce) Pham has been working in software industry for over 10 years, he likes to give in-depth Vietnam software outsourcing industry reviews and free advises for outsourcing buyers in the world. He is the Founder & CEO of Saigon Technology Solutions, a leading Agile software development outsourcing company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Thanh strives to deliver successful projects maximizing value for the Client by clearly establishing the project objectives and risks, controlling the programs and costs and pro-actively managing the project teams.



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