Top e-commerce trends to look out for your business in 2019


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Top e-commerce trends to look out for your business in 2019

One of the most important aspects of running an e-commerce website is to be abreast of all the evolved digital trends that are on the rise. Following the different trends in the e-commerce business provides you with information on the latest technology that is being adopted by other sites, and how the demands of customers are evolving with time.

Here are a few trends that have had a significant impact on the e-commerce industry, and seem to be moving towards becoming a more permanent process of development:

Introduction of Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality or AR has had very limited use in the past, as it was confined to certain apps which were mostly used for entertainment purposes, such as Snapchat filters. However, many e-commerce sites have adopted this technology based on the suggestion of an e-commerce development company, thereby setting a new trend for everyone else to follow. Augmented Reality is quite common in the fashion industry, as the most advanced sites for fashion e-commerce allow the clients to try on a piece of clothing or a type of makeup on a simulated model of their selves, so that they can decide on which product to buy with reference to their own bodies. Recently, the furniture retailer IKEA came up with their own Augmented Reality feature, which allowed people to see how a certain piece would look on their homes, or whether it would fit in the space available. Thus, Augmented Reality is one of the most important trends that one must adopt in order to remain relevant to the customers.

Increased scope for personalization
For many modern e-commerce sites, personalization has been a basic expectation for most customers. Most websites offer a carefully curated collection of items to their customers, based on their browsing history, previous purchases and demographics. As the retailers are becoming privy to more and more personal information about the individual shopper, it has become a rising trend on many e-commerce websites to provide the customers with a highly personalized service specifically designed to cater to their unique needs. Platforms like Evergage successfully integrate behavioral analytics with customer information and machine learning to provide the customer with an experience which is custom made for them. This increased level of personalization in service is known to improve customer loyalty for many e-commerce retailers.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are being integrated into multiple industries with the passage of time, because of the convenience and functionality offered by them. Most e-commerce websites nowadays use machine learning to improve product recommendations and search functionality, so that customers can easily access what they are looking for. The use of Artificial Intelligence or AI has also experienced a sudden rise in the e-commerce industry with the increased use of customer service chatbots. These chatbots not only provide the customers with instant FAQs and other information, but also assist the customers with a range of complex functions, such as assisted shopping and guided transaction. The use of AI and machine learning is bound to increase in the future in the realm of e-commerce, making it an important aspect of running a business online.

Increased use of voice assistants
Voice assistants and voice search has played an important role in many apps for years, including search engines like Google and Google Maps. However, recently the trends in e-commerce indicate that the use of voice search and voice assistants has been taking over most of the business that is conducted online. The increased use of smart home devices such as Google’s Home Units and Amazon Echo have been especially involved in the development of this new trend, as more and more people now prefer to use voice commands to operate their devices. Data that has been obtained from Walker Sands Digital reveals that around 1/3rd of the consumers -24%, have a smart appliance with voice control like the Google Home & Amazon Echo, and a further 20% plan to purchase one in the coming year. Most of these devices are also used to complete purchases nowadays from different e-commerce sites, with 19 percent of the customers made use of the smart appliance for making a purchase, and a further 33% of consumers who have planned to do so in 2018.

Growth in mobile payments
One of the greatest trends in e-commerce in the recent past has been the explosive rise in the use of mobile devices and mobile payment systems. As more and more customers shift their preferred mode of shopping to mobile devices, it is almost mandatory for all e-commerce websites to have a mobile-friendly page or a mobile app in order to remain relevant. However, the growth of mobile payment has made many companies take note of the rising trend, as there are multiple mobile payment platforms that are emerging with the passage of time. These mobile payment platforms, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay provide the customers with a new and more convenient mode of payment, which is now often preferred over traditional modes of payment. In the recent years, as cash becomes an obsolete mode of payment, it is important for e-commerce businesses to quickly implement to new modes of payment, so that they do not lose their customer base.

The trends in e-commerce are known for their rapid evolution with time, and are not easy to keep up with all the time. However, one can easily access the best e-commerce development solutions through Magento Web Development, as most business owners have benefitted immensely through the adoption of Magento for small business.

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