Top 8 SEO Trends To Follow In 2018


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As the year 2017 is near to end, SEO has become a hot topic of discussion in SEO companies. Whether you want to reach your targeted audience or you want to be on the top of Google SERP’s, SEO should be your primitive tool to create your brand name and achieve your goals. There were many SEO trends that emerged in the first half of the current year and can be seen in the later months too.
For staying ahead in the statistics it is important to keep an eye on the upcoming developments that we will witness in the year 2018. Here are few SEO trends which are to be kept in mind as these factors will be advantageous for your business growth by letting you shine among several.

1. Link Building:

Link building like in 2017 will remain important in 2018 as well. For ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) creating backlink will play a crucial role. Link building helps Google to know that a website can be trusted and relevant to the topic. It’s okay if you don’t add new links which don’t help you to bring your target niche. And also, best link not always comes from popular sites; it can come from less popular sites which are relevant to your business. It is not recommended to have multiple links from directories rather have the best link from a trusted website.

In 2018, SEO strategies are oriented towards making a long-term relationship, helping brands to create strong networks and links that will remain active for the long term. A point of concern that will develop anxiety will be guest blogging. In May 2017, Google made very clear to publishers who rely on the guest blog that there will be a close check on the guest blogging site to halt spam links.

Thus, SEO strategy will aim to create a backlink profile to avoid spamming in 2018 and yes, the backlink will remain an important key to making your business rank on top in search ranking.

2. Everything Mobile

We hate wasting our time especially when a web page is getting loaded. But guess what? Google hates as much as we hate slow web pages thus, introducing an open source project that allows mobile to load web pages at a 4x faster speed than regular load time using 10x fewer data. AMP will reduce your bounce rate which will lead to the boost website up in the ranking chart. Currently, there are more than 2 billion Accelerated Mobile Pages. Because of faster loading speed, 35% user interaction has been increased and in 2018 it will increase more. Thus, it’s time for mobile optimization for better SEO result.

In 2017, it can be seen that most of the traffic was from mobile and not from the desktop. It’s been really clear that in 2018, all the businesses and brands will put mobile first. According to the report presented by BrightEdge, 57% of web traffic comes from mobile devices which are no doubt a big portion of web traffic. Thus, mobile-first indexing is becoming very important day by day.

For increasing visibility, on the mobile screen, it is essential to incorporate mobile-first content as keywords rank appears differently on both mobile and desktop. Local SEO will play a great role in mobile searches is all about content.

3. Voice Search

In 2017, it is observed that 20% of Search Content is Voice Intent. The increase in the use of digital assistance has changed the market in the way search queries are executed. Voice search technology has brought a whole new way of communicating and processing our information. In 2018, SEO strategies will be greatly influenced by voice search as the focus will be on long-tail search keywords. A more generic way of keywords will be used which will be a natural language that will be closer to the user conversational tone.

Siri and Cortana are already in the market for a long time from now and many of us made friends with Siri. In a report by Microsoft describes that voice recognition accuracy is kept on improving reaching a 5.1% word error rate. In an interview with John Gruber, Apple SVP Phil Schiller said that “He is not afraid to say Hey Siri anymore on stage”. The new voice search technology like Google Home and Amazon Echo are also slowly making space in people’s lives. Thus, we can expect the more seamless performance of voice search in 2018.

4. Visual search

Including images and videos always increases the interest of a user as a picture explains and depict much more than the content. In 2018, SEO strategies will be more oriented towards visualizing the content as it will provide an interactive approach to users. Bing, Google, and Pinterest have already started investing in the development of visual search engines. Brands need to focus more on optimizing their visual content to stand out in the crowd. SEO strategies need to understand the consumption of the visual data and the way searched are modified.

5. Go for Quick Answers

So here is the answer to all your queries without even opening the link and going through a lengthy article to get the answer. Google brings an easy way; Google Answer Box is an intensified type of featured snippet that aims to answer a question in a more appealing way. Quick answers are the small snippet of information in the top SERPs. Search engines like Google have become smarter to answer specific questions and now don’t just depend on a single keyword.

Thus, for SEO optimization focus the following points:

• Create content with phrases starting with how, why and where.
• Opt Google Keyword Planner to ascertain your queries related to your company.
• Don’t use the same questions which are already shown in Google quick answer box.
• Identify specific keywords that are shown in Google searches.

6. New Approach to Good Old Content

Your readers should find the content connecting, interesting, and a must, it should be knowledgeable. So, rather than copying and pasting the same content from different website try to go original. To increase the organic traffic, try to update and republish your old content. Remember that quantity doesn’t give quality- most SEOs agree on this fact. It is highly recommended to create relevant keywords for your company rather than stuffing with multiple irrelevant keywords.

8. User Experience

In 2018, the user experience is the centre of development and also the key point for the SEO strategies. Companies are optimizing their SEO strategies to deliver a smooth interaction with their user. The benefit which a company gets is lower bounce rate as user engagement highly increases and the search engine displays our pages as useful and fruitful for users.

To create the meaningful user experience, monitor page speed, readability, and navigation structure of a particular site. As SEO is now moving towards providing personalized experience thus, UX will play a vital role in maintaining the search traffic. And this is the SEO trend that most of Top SEO services companies should follow in the coming year.


When it comes to SEO, change is the only constant. Every year the SEO field is getting improvised and getting bigger and better. The same is expected to happen in 2018. In 2018, where traditional practices of SEO Services will be running as it is, it will be exciting to see changes in SEO that will transpire with the evolution of new technologies. With the changing trend of the market scenario, it can be concluded that ranking first in the organic search result is now not the ultimate aim of the companies.

The growth of Google’s featured snippet, voice search, Local SEO, and PPC gives better result in diverting traffic to your site as compared to the organic listing. Hence, always keep your pace with the latest trends and use the best SEO strategies to build your brand name. For increasing your traffic adopt good and Affordable SEO Services that are provided by the expert and skilled SEO Service Company.


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