Top 7 Business recovery plans for ride-hailing companies post COVID-19


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The Covid-19 epidemic is leaving a deep mark on the ride-hailing sector globally. Mandatory lockdowns and social distance forced people to stay at home. In addition, individuals make limited travel for the basic needs for their safety. Therefore, ride-hailing businesses had begun to lose their grip on the markets.


However, the sector has begun to regain its prospects as commuters are slowly moving to the new normal. If ride-hailing companies can properly address market demands with a new lifestyle, they can achieve business growth in a short period of time.

Even though this Covid-19 era has shown us a very bad time, but it has given us one thing to learn that to always keep a backup or recovery plan for your ongoing business that will show you how to run your business during tough times.

So here in this article will show you business recovery plans for ride-hailing business post-Covid-19.

1. Follow safety precautions:

After the pandemic, adherence to safeguards is not an option but a necessity. And this is going to continue over the next few years as well. Therefore, ensure that such precautions are properly followed by both your customers and drivers. Encourage them to wear face masks and use hand sanitizers to prevent infections. Make sure the car is equipped for the safety of both passengers and drivers and limit the number of passengers in the car.

Set up a partition screen in your vehicles to help the passengers and drivers to stay at a safe distance from each other. Make sure that your taxis are clean, tidy, and properly sanitized. Educate your employees about the appropriate usage of masks and disinfectants.

2. Miscellaneous business revenue streams:

The main purpose of any business is to generate revenue and transportation is no exception. As people are reluctant to leave their homes for fear of infection, they are looking for a service that meets their daily needs at home. An on-demand delivery solution might be the best option. You should start to explore other verticals related to transportation including food, medicine, grocery delivery, and more.

Use your driver-partners to deliver the essentials at your customers’ doorstep apart from accepting the ride. This way your driver will not be idle, and you can continue your business operations. Thus, you create multiple streams to generate more opportunities and thereby increase the cash flow in your business.

3. Analyse Your Customers Needs And Demands:

To keep any business running well, you must analyze your customers. You have to keep in mind that the demand and needs of your customers will also change with the changing times. You should find out, which needs of your customers have changed during the epidemic? which new services they are expecting from you? is there anything which you need to do differently in your business operations?.

You can ask for reviews directly from your customers. You can connect with your customers through social media by creating your business page on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Also, you can do online questionnaires with your customers. You can ask your driver what complaints and issues they are getting from customers. With this, you can get a clear idea about the needs and demands of your customers and formulate better strategies and decisions to solve it.

This way you can meet the needs of your customers and develop new service types and standards.

4. Digitize Your Business:

As traditional ride-hailing practices are obsolete these days you should Invest in the latest technology. Taxi-hailing app development might be the best option to make your business digital. Thus you can expand your business and reach a larger customer base.

Build an on-demand ride-hailing solution for your customers to book their rides. And provide multiple online payment solutions on the ride-hailing app upon completion of the ride. In this way, you provide risk-free and quick access to transportation services to your customers, and also reduce physical contact.

You can automate all your business operations by building ride-hailing software and in turn, you can save your time and money.

5. Be Prepared For The Future:

Learn a lesson from 2020 and be prepared for the future because life is unpredictable anytime anything can happen. You should do business diversification as an additional revenue source.

Invest the company’s money in safe stocks that will help you avoid recession and invest in business innovation activities. You should make strategies for cost savings and find out unnecessary spending.

Focus on digital marketing of your ride-hailing app rather than outdoor marketing activities as in the time of lockdown people started using smartphones and apps more than ever before. Furthermore, avoid taking loans in times of economic recession.

6. Accept Optimism As The New Normal:

We are all tired of the Impact of covid19 in on-demand food delivery & other delivery services. Therefore adjust your content to help people feel more safe and comfortable despite the situation being volatile.

Make your advertising campaigns and creations optimistic and enthusiastic. Avoid direct references of pandemic and tell people about their values instead of their fears.

Make partnership with other brands and influencers which are already well-known or being loved by your customers. Provide promo codes for a ride on products’ packaging, in local newspapers, magazines, on local radio, and so on.

7. Consider Your Workforce As Your Key Assets:

Your employees are the most valuable asset you have got. Their loyalty and creativity can overcome a post-company crisis. Always keep your team motivated by doing seminars on team-building events or sending emails of hope and gratitude.

Appreciate the work of your employees. Listen to them and never ignore their suggestions as their suggestions can be the best idea for your business. Respect your workforce and never insult them.

If they make a mistake, never scold them in front of everyone, call them in private and show them the way to improve. It will make your employees more loyal towards your ride-hailing business.

Summing Up:

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the time has come for ride-hailing businesses to rethink and implement new management strategies to operate smoothly in the markets. If you have a plan of business continuity then it is easy to get it back on track.

Inspire yourself with your competitors and gain insight into their strategies. Stay up-to-date with the latest global trends and plan your strategy accordingly. And never sacrifice your marketing budget because no business can succeed without marketing.

Mushahid Khatri
Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading Taxi dispatch software . He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.


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