Top 10 UI Trends to Boost E-Commerce Revenue in 2022 And Beyond


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Hey! Do you sell jaw-dropping products, offer blazing-fast deliveries, and have the best store policies? Then, you must be generating massive sales if it’s a yes! No? So, there is something fishy with your storefront. It’s probably the UI pitfalls that block your road to projected revenues.

Believe it or not, but UI accounts for 94% of first impressions about your store on the potential buyers. So, visually impressing your audience is a vital aspect if you wish to skyrocket your revenues. You need to adhere to the top eCommerce UI trends at any point in time to acquire leads and nurture them for the longest time.

Are you wondering how to access the current web store UI trends? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Here are the top 10 UI trends you must leverage to boost eCommerce revenue in the future. 

1. Play with Color Psychology, Grab More Shoppers!

What comes to your mind when hearing website designs? Different colors and their shades, right? Similarly, the color scheme in your online store influences your customers dramatically. Walking down the timeline, whites, grays, and blacks were the only permissible shades for an optimized eCommerce website. Although these hues retain their authority over other colors, even today, there’s a feeble twist!

Nowadays, UI specialists recommend adding streaks of bold colors to grab viewers’ attention and encourage them to browse your offerings. However, you can master color psychology only if there’s a balance between the subtle shades and the bright ones. Too much or too little of either can bruise your eCommerce brand!

2. Better Navigability Leads to Higher Sales

Did you know that 53.9% of eCommerce revenues come from customers who use smartphones to shop online? Yes, you’ve heard it right! So, optimizing your website for smartphones can be a great idea to boost your sales. But how do you do that? Of course, a responsive website is the need of the hour but, you also need to embed higher navigability in your storefront.

Ensure that the touchscreen gestures remain simple and require just a thumb to scroll and move across your eCommerce store. That’s called thumb-friendly navigability. It’s a must to fetch more sales through mobile phones according to the latest UI trends.

3. Micro Animations to Alleviate User Experiences

When talking about eCommerce UI trends, how can we overlook micro-animations? Let’s take a few elusive examples to get started! Did you observe the mouseover effects in the websites for Gucci and Balenciaga? These are some engaging instances of micro-animations. But, how do micro-animations benefit the brands? They generate more sales by engaging users for a prolonged period, simple! 

You can superimpose multiple images and add impressive transitions to produce the best micro-animations for your web store. Furthermore, you can animate the buttons, forms, and much more to win over the most influential UI trend.

4. Fast Websites to Dodge User Frustration

Did you ever encounter a shopping portal that takes hours to load? That’s frustrating, isn’t it? So, faster websites are one of the much sought-after eCommerce user experience trends in 2021.

Dive into the underlying details and analyze what makes your website lag if your bounce rates are higher owing to the store loading time. It’s even better when you start from scratch! Keep an eye on the store’s loading time during your eCommerce website development to bid goodbye to the delaying factors from the start itself.

5. Chatbots Under the Limelight!

The next eCommerce UI trend takes UI/UX to an all-new level. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! They are the chatbots. AI-driven chatbots are thriving and have become a mainstream trend in the eCommerce industry. 

As more and more shoppers get online, addressing their queries 24/7 is no lesser than a headache. Luckily, you can believe in chatbots and train them to assist potential buyers during their visit to your store. Adding to your delight, chatbots can alleviate your upsell opportunities and increase your sales by interacting with the store visitors at the best time.

6. Improve Holistically with Voice-Assistants Integration

Let’s face it that more netizens use voice commands nowadays to surf the Internet than ever. So, how about integrating voice assistants with your eCommerce store and enhance searching experiences? Yes, you can do that! 

The eCommerce store development ideas that embed Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc., witness more sales as the current eCommerce UI/UX trends reflect. Give it a shot!

7. ML and AI to Serve Personalized eCommerce Experiences on Platter

Who doesn’t love personalized offerings from eCommerce stores! Your customers will love to shop from your venture if you analyze their behaviors and offer customized products. Thanks to ML and AI algorithms for allowing eCommerce store owners to predict user preference and recommend services they would love to purchase.

8. Offer a Better Product Experience Using Augmented Reality

Since its advent, Augmented Reality has revolutionized the eCommerce industry. The latest eCommerce UI trends speak about AR getting more popular and offering a holistic view of your store products. Besides the typical AR use cases, more game-changing applications are on the way. Stay tuned till then!

9. Content-Centric Designs to Provide More Value to the Customers

Gone are the days when developing a website and stuffing the content was a thing. Nowadays, eCommerce businesses curate their content before building a website. It’s called content-centric storefront designs. Regardless of whether you are going with Shopify or Magento eCommerce development, you will find several templates that let you build an online shop with content in the foreground.

10. Seamless Checkouts for Optimum Satisfaction

Remember a golden rule – faster checkouts save your customers from returning dissatisfied. Seamless payments in a few taps are the most innovative user interface design nowadays. You can ask the eCommerce developers to leverage the quickest payment gateways having the least time-consumptions to skyrocket customer satisfaction with your web store.

These are the top 10 eCommerce UI trends to drive a massive ROI in the future. What makes you wait now? Tweak your one-of-a-kind store to align with the current UI paradigms and soar higher in the sky.

Kaartik Iyer
Kaartik Iyer is the Founder & Director at Infigic. Infigic is a technology + digital agency with solid expertise in eCommerce development and mobile app development.


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