Tongues are Wagging


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People are talking. Well, at least the COLLOQUY team is talking about the Breaking News item that Huggies is providing a unique choice to new parents.

Instead of just the traditional online coupon to drive more diapers off the shelf, Huggies is offering parents a 2-for-1 choice. More precisely – that is a choice between a $3.00 or $1.50 incentive. The “catch” is simple and pleasant – just tell 3 friends about the Huggies deal. They also offer customers the choice of how to spread the news to other fellow parents: via social networking sites like Facebook, via instant messaging or via a good old-fashioned email. You can check it out yourself.

In an environment where customers are having less product & service referral conversations (that’s right; read about one of the Word-of-Mouth myths busted by COLLOQUY’s latest research, it is refreshing to see a company construct such a clear, simple and easy-to-execute way to tell a friend about a favorite product and get rewarded for doing so. It applies what we have known in loyalty for a very long time: provide a reward or recognition benefit for the desired behaviors that your business values most.

And, what better category to lead the way than child care products? After all, “birds of a feather flock together” – so new parents are a prime conduit to other new & expecting parents that they socialize with. Additionally, our 2011 COLLOQUY Word-of-Mouth research also revealed that the child care is the most important category for advice and referrals from friends and family as shown below.

Kudos, Huggies – for another customer referral campaign done well.

Tell me more about the Word-of-Mouth rewards & recognition campaigns that you like best! I’d love to hear about your favorites.


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