Tomorrow You Wake Up with a $10,000,000 Marketing Budget. What Do You Do With It?


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Today I was reviewing a great Hubspot presentation about B2B lead gen. One of the slides just JUMPED off the page. It had a question on it:

Tomorrow you wake up with a $10,000,000 marketing budget. What’s the first thing you do?

That’s an incredible question.

Options–Things You Could Do With the Money:

– Tradeshows – The average national tradeshow with an average booth costs about $10K. $10,000,000 could buy a lot of tradeshow leads.

– PPC – You could burn a lot money very quickly with AdWords

– Retargeting – Use AdRoll or another company to retarget people who’ve been to your site.

– Social Media Stuff – You could do advertising on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

– SEO – You could hire an agency and spend a crapload on SEO.

– PR – Hire a PR firm.

– Content – Hire someone to do a filthy amount of great content–blogs, White Papers, presentations, etc.

– Traditional Marketing – Radio, TV, newspaper, print

– Email Marketing – Partner with a media company and advertise your White Papers, webinars, etc.

– Branding – Do some ads that you can’t measure. Works great.

Things You Should Do With the Money

Well, I can’t tell you what you should do with the money. But, I will tell you what we would probably do with it:

– Priority 1 – More Content Marketing – We had great success when we wrote 3 blogs each day. We just didn’t have the bandwidth to continue. We’d probably hire 2-3 people to write content on our site, guest blogs on other sites, and expand our webinar series.

– Email Marketing – Instead of partnering with great publishers like Direct Marketing News and Search Engine Watch to promote a White Paper or webinar once every 6 months or so, we would probably do dedicated advertising with these publishers every single week or month.

– Tradeshows – I’ve written anti-tradeshow blogs on before. Tradeshows don’t have a good CPA. BUT…they are worth doing. We would probably be a more consistent and prominent player at major tradeshows.

– SEO – We’d hire the best freaking SEO firm in the world.

– PPC – We’ve spent a fair amount of cash on AdWords. I honestly don’t know if we’d spend any more money here.

– Retargeting – It works.

– Social Media – Facebook advertising is incredibly targeted. So is LinkedIn.

So…what would you do if you had a $10,000,000 marketing budget tomorrow?

I look forward to your comments.


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