Tips to Improve Customer Service in Your Real Estate Agency


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The real estate broker and sale agent work force is predicted to grow 11 percent through 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Despite the projected job growth, reports 70 percent of agents quit before they get past the rookie stage. How can you ensure you find quality customers, convert them into sales, and keep them coming back and referring you to friends?

Here’s a round-up of ways to avoid being a statistic and thrive in your real estate career.

Specialize in a niche

Trying to attract a customer in a market saturated with agents can be a tough sell. But specializing in a niche like energy-efficient homes can help differentiate you from your competition.

Refine your customer service by being knowledgable about energy costs, how such programs can lower utility and maintenance costs and anticipating your environmentally-savvy customer’s questions and concerns.

Realtors can also market themselves as a historic home agents and connect with local interest groups and history buffs in the area.

A customer is more prone to sign with someone who has a passion, expertise and unique foothold with their interests in mind.

Find a niche in your area by figuring out what types of properties are available, gauging your own interests and connecting with like-minded groups to see if there’s a demand for the service.

Anticipate tech-savvy customers

It’s not enough to consider what your current customers want; you need to anticipate who is going to walk through your door tomorrow. Start by surveying your current customers on what they feel is lacking and ask how they search for properties.

Consider adding QR codes to your property listings, sending out a text messaging campaign or offering live virtual tours where you can answer their questions as you show the property. Think beyond technology and consider what type of knowledge your customers need. Brush up on ever-changing real estate laws and financing and offer workshops on home buying.

Make business easy

Customers need to get in touch and move along the property buying process on a moment’s notice. If you manage tenants, offer an online payment system and automatic reminders to make paying on-time easy. Make it simple for customers to get in touch for quick answers and solutions, regardless of if they’re on their cell or a wireless device.

Services like Zipwire can streamline your customer service with features like click-to-chat and Web Callback. It can also help improve lead generation and conversions with automated outbound dialing and after-chat surveys.

Help your customers help themselves

What benefit do your customers have to use your services? Find ways to help your customers make sound buying decisions to make your job easier while improving their own well-being.

For example, offer financial literacy classes to help potential customers understand their buying options and make the leap to ownership. Or you could book keynote speakers on the outlook of the housing market, down payment assistant workshops and discussions on short sales.

The more you can empower potential customers, the more they can convert them into paying clients.


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