Tips to Hire Millennial Software Developers


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Millennials (Generation Y) are the demographic following Gen X, those born in 1980s – 2000s. It is believed that they are the most educated, intriguing and tech-savvy generation ever. These are the stereotypes that have caused people to put up harsh judgments regarding these millennials. It is expected that 2 out of 4 workers will be millennials by the year 2025. Most of the senior executives and managers are retaining these talented individuals to make the most of their knowledge, skills, and abilities. They work with a more detailed purpose, instead of just earning money. Thus, organizations are hiring the individuals of Generation Y to reduce the recruiting costs and increase the success rate. A reputable software testing company hires and retains the best talents by understanding how millennials work.

Here are a few ways in which organizations can hire millennial software developers:

Encourage Employees’ to Work Remotely

There are many industries like banking that require employees working on-site due to physical hardware and data security concerns. With growing technology, good software redevelopers are hard to find. Organizations are looking for millennials, who are happy with remote work. So, businesses should encourage remote working and increase chances to improve productivity. But not every employee is comfortable working remotely, so managers should clearly identify factors that indicate and allot work responsibilities accordingly.

Tracking Individual Productivity

Managers need to monitor workers’ efficiency to ensure software development projects are running smoothly. HR departments use tracking for payroll and workers’ compensation but it does not support tracking employee’s performance. IT managers already have a lot on their plate to manage due to which it takes a lot of time to discover who is performing well and who is not.
It is expected that individual performance tracking will not have any negative impact on employee performance. But it is imperative to say that high performers will be more likely to be observed, as compared to the low performers. Also, due to the lack of individual tracking, the efforts of high performers may go unrecognized. With the help of performance monitoring, remote workers ‘productivity can be monitored and recognized as well.

Technology-Based Hiring Process

Most of today’s organizations are not focusing on hiring potential employees but they usually rely on implementing complex personality tests. Enterprises are using AI technologies and tools that conduct tests and provide results without any human judgments. These algorithms make it easier for assessing individual performance and the key personality traits are combined to calculate the final score. This transparent process allows organizations to hire millennial software developers that can attain customer satisfaction with their skills. It also promotes that the best performers are hired and required value is achieved.


Millennials are the most diverse generation that is expected to help organizations achieve their goals. They are responsible for taking important decisions with respect to utilizing modern technologies. The aforementioned tips will definitely help enterprises to hire the best millennial software developers for their business.


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