Tiktok: How to Use It for App Marketing


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TikTok remains to be the only social platform with such a stringent focus on young audiences. It is the only social platform that, in spite of being hugely popular, we even not heard of by many people in the middle age. The only reason most parents of teens and pre-teens take an interest in TikTok is to know whether the platform is safe for their kids. These are also the reasons the platform us very special for all those brands who target youngsters.

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As a marketer, if you still do not know how to utilize the platform to its optimum potential, here we are going to explain some of the most effective tips for marketing on TikTok. But before that, let us spare a few words on the audience of TikTok.

Who are The Audiences of TikTok?

TikTok us not only dominated by under 30 youngsters, but it is also the most popular platform for female audiences. Though the platform has a fairly international presence with audiences spreading across the globe, it has a dominant presence in the USA, India, and China. Though in China, the app works in the name of Douyin, which is used by a whopping 400 million users every month. Significantly, more than 50% of the Chinese users of the app are aged under 24.

How Can Business Brands Use The TikTok platform?

TikTok, as a social media platform, can be utilized by brands in multiple ways. Let us have a quick look at the three principal ways the business brands can use TikTok for marketers.

First of all, brands can have their channel just like on YouTube and present their video content for the channel subscribers.
Brands can also collaborate with influencers to reach out to a wider audience.
Though, as of now, TikTok advertising has just started with a limited audience, brands advertise on TikTok and boost visibility.

Mostly on, TikTok follows the combined strategy of having its own channels besides reaching out through influencers. Now, if you want to know more specific TikTok marketing practices, here we provide some of the most effective ones.

Funny Content Enjoys More Traction

TikTok is mostly viewed as a social media platform with a huge creative scope and place for funny content. Naturally, as a marketer, you need to squeeze maximum output from the channel by producing content that goes well with the audience of TikTok.

Another important aspect of TikTok videos is that they are often not polished videos with a professional feel. Most often, TikTok videos come with rough edges and signs if non-professional making all over. Most videos on TikTok seem to be shot by just taking out smartphones all of a sudden. Your marketing content should maintain this feel while not missing the fun element.

Make Use of Hashtag Challenge

Another crucial way to make your brand visible on TikTok is to unleash a hashtag challenge. Through a hashtag challenge, you can easily encourage other users to use your branded hashtag with the content they create and share.

With a hashtag challenge, you can easily incorporate a lot of user-generated content and can reach out to a wider audience naturally. Besides boosting the discoverability of your brand, the hashtag challenge will help increased interaction and engagement.

User-Generated Content

On TimTok, user-generated content enjoys a pride of place, and no business brand can stay away from this if it really wants to reach out to a wider audience and become discoverable. Normally, most of the content on TikTok is created as impromptu content with a focus on instant engagement.

The question is, how you can utilize this user-generated content to the favor of your marketing objectives. Well, besides running the hashtag challenges, you can take a few important measures to encourage people to create content showcasing your brand.

You can unleash competition for a DIY solution related to your business niche or product and allow people to come out with unique ideas expressed in their videos. With the branded hashtag accompanying such content, you can easily create a buzz. For encouraging a lot of people to share your content, you also need to focus on engaging your followers with TikTok videos.

Influencer Marketing

The same influencer marketing that every marketer utilizes across other video channels such as YouTube will be effective on TikTok as well. First of all, you need to find out the influencers who perfectly fit your campaign needs. It is the unsaid rule for most influencers that they will create their video content featuring your brand message since they know the taste of their followers.

For successful influencer marketing in the platform, set a realistic and relevant objective besides targeting a specific audience. When influencers stay honest with their audience while tuning your brand message with interesting content, it achieves the desired traction.

Develop a TikTok Community

Last but not the least piece of advice will be building a TikTok community of users. This requires creating a follower base with a steady stream of video posts, maintaining a tone, and upholding certain coherence. Your video content should create a signature tone over time that your followers can recognize instantly and with a little effort. Constant engagement and consistent presence on the platform involving multiple methods and post types is key to impressive TikTok success.

Similar Apps to TikTok

After getting tiktok to get banned in some countries, the respective countries have developed similar apps to tiktok to keep the audience engage, that marketers understand the need and cop up according to their algorithms.

For examples, Bolo indya video-making mobile app developed by app developer India, that serves similar to TikTok, and all the marketer can utilize their marketing skills with this mobile application as well which they have laernt through tiktok marketing experiments.


TikTok has emerged as the new promising kid in the buzzing town of social media players and already created a niche for itself. In the years to come, more marketers will utilize the platform for their social media promotion and customer outreach.

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