Three Best Practices For Successful Nurturing Campaigns


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Call them Nurturing Campaigns, Persistence Campaigns or Drip marketing Campaigns, all of them are meant to carefully select a series of messages and thereafter deliver them to the customer using a direct marketing method like a regular mail or more often an email, so that brands can place just the right amount of communication to their customers with minimal effort, using Sales Force Automation in their CRM.

Actually drip marketing campaigns meant for sitting on the fence prospects and customers aims at sending messages over a prescribed span of time (in calculated intervals) and in progressive sequence that helps to build and maintain customer awareness for your brand, while at the same instance move the prospect through an active sales cycle till they are ready to purchase your offerings.

Dip marketing or nurturing campaigns offer two most outstanding benefits:

1. The response rates of these campaigns are always better than single event promotional activities.
2. These campaigns can be executed with very little efforts.

Nevertheless, this must also be most essentially remembered that it takes a lot of research and a considerable amount of time to plan the campaigns, craft the messages, schedule the deliveries, and create the content assets for drip marketing activities.
However, once the set up is completed, the sweet spot lies in the fact that the campaign can be pretty much put in an autopilot using Sales Force Automation (SFA) in your easy to use CRM, be it a robust CRM like Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM software solutions available in the CRM space.

Now, if you are considering carrying out drip marketing campaigns for your business to increase sales, you must necessarily look into these three key principals on drip marketing that can help boost the results of your campaigns easily:

1. Select Your Audience

The primary and initial step in any drip marketing or nurturing campaign is to find out a specific target audience- the more specific the better.

If you are using an easy to use CRM software platform, it can quickly help you to spot, categorize and thereafter segment target group recipients of your drip marketing strategy.

It is important to remember over here that according to research done on nurturing campaigns it has been noticed that some types of business or campaign types are better suited for persistence marketing than others.

Broadly speaking, drip marketing acts best when you are dealing with high-value items that are bought at frequent intervals or for any offerings that have a long sale cycle. Therefore, drip marketing works best with B2B (Business to Business) marketing, capital expenditure products like technology software solutions, computer systems, or even heavy machinery sold in the marketplace.

On the other hand, drip marketing can also play a big role in the consumer industry, for businesses like real estate agents and car dealers, who are also a good fit for persistence marketing campaigns.

2. Hone Your Message

Even though you can send the same message times and again in your drip marketing effort it is obviously a waste of resource, and also customer attention in most cases.

Therefore, the ideal messages in a nurturing campaign are more like a novel or a symphony. We use this analogy over here because drip marketing has a beginning, middle, and an end and are built this way to create an overall effect on the customers.

Marketers who are experts in persistence marketing apply specific terms to their outbound marketing outreaches where each successive message is built upon prior messages and the final message is created to reach the crescendo effect.

The more closely you can define your target audience, the better you can target your messages to your prospective customers.

Let us provide an example:

Consider you are in real estate business and have decided to target first-time homebuyers within specific demography. Now, as first-time buyers of residential properties are extremely concerned about locations and price, the message in your drip marketing campaign may be created on the primary theme that revolves around- now is the best time to buy.
Messages for this demography might include homes for starters that your agency is handling, mentions of government programs that can further help first-time buyers of homes, incentive plans, tax advantages of home ownership and many other related topics that are built related to first-time buyers of real-estates and homes.

Never send your email messages without a CTA (Call-to-Action) button which is one of the most important elements of drip marketing campaigns that will invite the potential buyers to contact your organization or view what programs are available to the potential buyers of your products and services.

3. Plan Your Campaign

If you are interested in doing a nurturing campaign, you must understand that drip marketing campaigns are much different from just reaching out to a customer repeatedly.

This is because; in persistence campaigns, each message is a part of a choreographed endeavor to produce the desired result with the least effort that will result in a sale.

For example, drip marketing plans should include the schedule of your contacts as well as their messages and other related assets needed for nurturing your prospects.
You should also gauge and vary if needed the frequency of your outbound persistence marketing touches.

For example, in the start, if a prospect is fresh and new you might want to email them on a daily or a weekly basis, and then later on after two months back off to emailing once a month.
Alternatively, if you are trying to motivate the prospect towards an event on a particular date, you might begin with less frequent contacts and thereafter hit them more frequently as the date of your event approaches on your business timeline.

Now, you must be guessing that all this is a good deal of manual work.

No, it is not.

This is because if you are using an easy to use CRM software you can conveniently automate the process, like setting up the distribution schedule of which emails you want to send to which customers and the configure your CRM software to do the rest of the job automatically.

Most easy to use CRM platforms also helps the users to view the result of the campaigns, which aids in finding out where each customer is in their sales cycle and thereafter use this real-time information to make amendments and course corrections before launching further marketing programs.

Do not Spam

Finally, remain alert to differentiate your drip marketing campaign emails from getting spammed. Therefore, make sure that the prospects in your nurturing campaign’s list have opted into your program or you have an ongoing relationship with the recipients of your messages.

Additionally provide the targets of your email campaigns an opt-out in every email and make sure that their wishes are respected at the end of the day, since customers those who are old may not prefer to be contacted over email, and may respond through another channel that is also capable of bringing you new customers and provide business growth.


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