These 3 CX Strategies are Bound to Succeed in a Post Covid-19 World


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We are getting closer to the end of 2020, the year that took everyone by surprise. With the world at home for nearly six (6) months, coupled with the death of notable celebrities, this is the year that a flying lion wouldn’t be a surprise. No one saw these things coming, nothing is the same again. This is also true for businesses, not minding your industry or product offerings.

The buying patterns of people have shifted drastically with the emphasis on social distancing and other precautionary safety measures. With no cure in sight, this is by far the largest threat our generation has had to face. People were forced to do more of panic buying in attempts to stock up. The crave for luxury items reduced and people now prefer to shop online.

Online shopping is no longer just another option, it is the primary channel of sales for businesses that have remained in business. More businesses have gone online to meet their business audience. It is therefore important for you to review your Customer Experience Strategy.

According to this report, “care, creative thinking, and new tools can address customers’ acute needs today and forge stronger ties in the post-COVID-19 era”. This article highlights three (3) strategies that bound to succeed in the Post COVID-19 world.

1. Care is the currency

You don’t want to be the corporate douche bag that only cares about his sales targets. People are genuinely afraid; some have lived in a panic since the start of the pandemic and a lot more are afraid of the ‘future’. Your sales objective is the last thing they want to worry about.

As the popular saying goes, people want to know that you care before caring about what you know, in this case, offer. Your customer experience strategy must be centered around the need to show your customers that you care. You can start by sharing tips on how to stay safe during this period. This can be creatively adapted to show how your products support their safety.

During the lockdown, some brands rebranded their logos temporarily to depict social distancing and other safety measures. Some brands with these social distancing logos include McDonald’s, VolksWagen, Coca-Cola and others.

A good customer experience strategy at this time must, therefore, include a healthy mix of resources that can help your audience and their loved ones stay safe. This creates a platform that allows them to interact better with your brand.

2. Upgrade your website technology

If your business exists in today’s world, you most certainly own a website. It is your online shop and what your customers experience when they visit your website would greatly affect your business reality.

People have taken their buying decisions online. You need to strengthen and upgrade your online presence to match the needs of your target audience. Having a good website is hard enough today, your website must be optimized for mobile performance and user-friendly. Added to these, you need to include elements that enhance people’s experience when they visit your website.

With increased interaction and traffic to websites, businesses like yours need chatbots installed on their websites. You or your web manager would not always be available to attend to all your website visitors. But chatbots would help you answer key questions automatically and prompt people to take actions, empowering visitors to better engage with your website.

Installing a chatbot software can help you generate leads, get more sales, and improve the experience your customers get from your business. Installing a chatbot software would be a great addition to your online customer experience. Choose a software that works best for your business and customize to your taste.

3. Pay attention to employee feedback

Let’s face it, a successful customer experience cannot be built in isolation. Everyone in your team that interfaces with customers at any point of the customer journey, need to be part of your new strategy formulation. They have vital information regarding the frequent feedback they get and what this means for your business.

You are not in business for yourself, your business exists to serve the needs and preferences of your customers. Listening to what your employees have to say about your customer experience is an essential part of building a successful CX strategy for the post-COVID-19 world.

Take advantage of tools to easily collate this sort of feedback, aggregate them, and evaluate them for patterns and actionable points.
Frequent requests for an additional service could just be the market research you need to successfully launch a new product or service.

To stay in business and thrive post-Covid-19, you need to create the right customer experience. Show that you care, listen to customer feedback, and invest some resources into the upgrade of your website. Remember, your business reality is largely determined by the experience you create for customers.


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