There are 2 Types of Manager in the World, Which are You?


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Here is a great quote…

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right  ~ Henry Ford

I’m going to adapt it…

Whether you think they’re X, or you think they’re Y – you’re right ~ James Lawther

Feel free to tweet that quote, it will do wonders for my ego, though it is unlikely to do as well as Mr Ford’s.

Theory X and Theory Y

You have heard about Douglas McGregor before and his contrasting management views of the world:

Which is the right theory?

Theory X and theory Y can’t both be right.  On balance workers will tend to behave one way or another; which leads to the question… on average, are we all angels or slackers?

Can’t be right can

Both theories are bang on target…

If you believe your team are lazy good for nothings:

You will monitor their every move and hit them repeatedly every time they step out of line.  And if you do that, the minute your back is turned… your employees with hit Facebook with a vengeance.

Theory X managers are absolutely right.

If you believe your employees will do the best they can:

You will give them opportunities, back them to the hilt, praise them for their efforts.  And if you do that, the minute your back is turned… your employees will hit that spreadsheet with a vengeance.

Theory Y managers are absolutely right.

So here is the real question

Did Dr McGregor know or care which theory was right, or was he just a very astute people watcher?


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