The Mistake That Cost’s Much More Than Expected


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It’s universal law and there’s no escaping it. Nothing is said to “happen” until something moves. It’s also universal business law — There is no business until a sale is made.

With the priority of sales ranking so high in importance of all it takes to run a business successfully, you’d be surprised at the number of would-be successful business owners who make the one big mistake that kills their business stone dead.


So What Is This Mistake?


Neglect. Pure and simple. There’s no better word for explaining it. These business owners simply neglect to train their staff to properly sell and it costs them everything.

You already know the importance of making sales for running a business, but why is it that failing to train your sales staff hurts you so much?


Your staff is not only the “representation” of your company, but in the eyes of your customers, your staff IS your company.

I’ll say it again because it cannot be stressed enough.


In the eyes of your customers, your staff is your company.


And your staff should be considered your company too.

Think about it like this. You make the point that your company relies on systems so that it can just plug in anyone off the street to follow the tasks set forth in the system and the business will be profitable.

So if it really is all about the “systemization” and not the sales staff, then why is it so important to train your staff? And what are some of the real world costs of not training staff?

It is because of this critical importance of systemizing your sales processes that training the staff is so important.

If your staff isn’t trained in the steps for greeting prospects, qualifying them on your offers, building value, closing the sale, recommending complementary products and services on every sale, then you might as well flush money down the toilet, because that’s exactly what’s happening.

When your sales staff is trained with the system for optimizing sales and they use it with each customer and potential customer they interact with on a daily basis without exception, your business will begin to succeed on levels you could only dream about before.

Let’s explore an example with some figures so you can see what the costs of not training staff really looks like.

Let’s keep the numbers round for the sake of easy calculations and say on average, your staff engages with 100 potential customers each day.

If left to their own devices, you have an average of 5 sales that day at a sales transaction average of £50 per transaction. So that is £250 a day.

Remember, we are using these low, round figures for the sake of perspective to make it easy to see how important training your sales staff is.

So in our example, we saw without a trained sales staff, the company’s sales were £250 generated from 5 sales made from the untrained staff.

untrained sales

What Does the Trained Staff Do Differently?

With the trained sales staff, you begin to notice sales come in that otherwise wouldn’t have been generated that day.

You notice the average number of products and services each customer buys begin to increase because your staff has been trained to “suggest sale” and recommend complementary items to extend the value of the original purchased product even further to your customer by giving them additional ways to benefit from the first product with the use of other products and services in combination.

You also notice that the most common objections to the sales your customers gave as reasons for not buying in the past, have now been overcome by your staff and your sales staff are now making sales to customers who would not have bought before, because of those objections your staff is now trained to overcome.

You also see your sales staff has been trained to suggest the highest value products and services first to your prospects and customers when it is indeed the best solution for them, before selling lower priced offers only if the higher priced ones are outside of their budget.

As a result, the same 100 daily prospects are now experiencing a higher level of engagement with your company because of the professional sales training you provided your staff and it has directly impacted the bottom line of your business in a huge, measurable way.

You now average a remarkable 40 sales a day, with each customer buying multiple products per transaction at higher prices.

The average dollar amount per sale has increased as a result of this and you now average £250 per transaction because your customers are buying more from you each time they make a purchase.

So the fact you have invested in training for your sales staff increases your sales volume by 8 times.

The same amount of sales per day by your entire company is now the amount of revenue you generate per single transaction.

This is a HUGE difference and yet too many business owners are failing to make the right decision on training their staff and their businesses fail as a result. Every day new businesses start up and every day there are businesses that must close their doors and go out of business.

What Makes the Difference Between The Businesses That Succeed and The Businesses That Fail?

Many times the difference simply comes down to the owner recognizing and acting upon the importance of investing in training their sales staff.

In the example above, we see 40 sales at £250 earning you £10,000 a day in sales contrasted against only earning £250 in sales because of not investing in sales training.

This example and the figures provided makes a night and day comparison on the costs of not training staff easy to see for anyone serious about doing business the right way.

With the costs of not training staff so high, you really can’t afford to ignore this important must-do investment to ensure success of your business.

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