The Massive Shift to Online Advertising Spend: Who is best poised to tap into that revenue?


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Online ad spend is predicted to reach $100 Billion in 5 years, up from $61 Billion in 2010. Who is best poised to tap into that incremental online advertising revenue, other than the advertisers?

Paid search aside, which is dominated by the behemoths (Google & Yahoo), it will be those firms who can store online data, analyze it quickly and make the insights actionable within all channels in order to make the advertising more relevant to the consumer. Those industries that are best poised include:

  • Online Analytic Vendors (Omniture, Unica..): Current online analytic vendors capture and store the online interactions and provide business intelligence interfaces to their clients so they may track online usage.
  • Marketing Service Providers (MSPs): MSPs are evolving their marketing services to the online channel because they must as marketing spend is fast shifting to online.
  • Online Decisioning and Targeting Firms (X+1, Tealeaf,…): Online decisioning and targeting firms provide services and products which allow for varying communications and advertising to users based on site behavior and other available user attributes.
  • New Startups that 100% focus on online analytics and online communication relevance optimization.

See the recently published article for full details including the advantages each industry currently holds, how they need to evolve, as well as my opinion on the winner(s) long term.


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