The Importance of a Mobile App in Online Learning


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There is no denying that this is an era of mobile application popularly called as App or Mobile
App. You can now find an app for almost all work starting from shopping to banking. Education
is also not an exception – you can now get learning mobile app as well. With the advent of this
kind of e-learning app, students can now get everything at their fingertips.

With the introduction of the LMS app, the student does not have to visit the various library for collecting data and information. They can access any information from anywhere in the world with the help of LMS mobile app.

Let’s find out some of the benefits of the Mobile app in online learning.

Importance of mobile app in online learning

There are many advantages of the mobile app in online learning and some of these are discussed
as follows:

  • New learning methods:

With the advent of the mobile app, education has now become fun a fun and more engaging. The mobile has definitely made the learning process interesting. The mobile app has brought the fun games that help in indulging the students into a healthy education process.

With e-learning apps, students have now get rid of the traditional methods of learning, i.e., textbook and whiteboard learning. The interactive online learning app has now brought video tutorials and educational games which helps the students in stimulating their mind and gets more interested in learning.

  • Enhance the parent-teacher communication:

Both parents and teachers play a vital role in the success of any student. With the advent of learning mobile app, the communication between the teacher and the parent has become strong and this helps in building a relationship between the parent and teacher. With the help of this app, teachers can respond to the queries of parents more quickly and efficiently regarding the development of their ward. This helps in making the education sector more transparent.

  • Opportunity to study outside the class:

With the advent of LMS, mobile app education is not only confined to the schoolroom environment but it is open outside the classroom as well. The learning mobile app has now facilitated the students to engage in their studies in their free time as well.

  • Anytime anywhere:

The best and most useful advantage of using educational app development for online learning is anytime and anywhere learning. There is a proverb; there is no limit to knowledge. That’s true. With the help of these online apps meant for online learning, you can simply start your education anytime or anywhere. No matter you are on a deserted island or in a village, you can simply tap open the online learning sessions and get yourself educated and benefitted from this. A large number of institutes and colleges are also offering this system of learning day by day to enlarge their student base.These sessions are generally called Virtual interactive learning which is considered as the future of our study and might can whoop the classroom study concept away.

  • Individually focused learning:

No teacher can be concentrate for a long-hour session. It is seen that a teacher generally has to engage 20-30 students during each session. It is generally seen that some student understands the concept while others do not. Though in classroom teaching it is attempted that all students learn equally but it never happens so. As the teacher cannot wait for the students who have not understood the concept well and proceed to the next chapter. As a result in classroom teaching, those who do not
understand the concept well at one go hardly gets the opportunity to clear their concept and proceed to the next chapter without learning the previous one.

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Now since it is mostly seen that a chapter is related to the previous chapter the student also fails to understand the next chapter as well. In this way, a student does not understand the whole subject properly. But with the advent of e-learning apps, these kinds of problems get solved as students get enough opportunity to learn and make their concept clear even after the classroom hours. With LMS app teachers can upload many reference materials and
students can take up those reference maters and make their concept clear even after the
school hours.


Thus, it is seen that learning mobile app has totally changed the way how we used to learn
traditionally. Gone are those days when students have to depend on the lectures of their teachers
given in their schools or on the notes of their classroom. With the advent of LMS app, thousands
of learning materials are loaded in the LMS software and a student can directly access those at
any point of time and from anywhere in the world without any geographical boundaries. Thus,
E-learning app has brought a technological revolution in the education and has helped both
students as well as teachers to expand and enhance the learning process beyond the classroom.

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