The Implication of Correctness


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One of the dilemmas a business must face is the “implication of correctness”.  With this comes the trust of the people, whether warranted or not. Business owners are put into a position where they are looked at as being right or correct and endowed with power, esteem and virtue. 
“The advertized product MUST be as good as they say or they wouldn’t say it” is something I’ve heard from many people after watching an effective TV commercial.  “It must be true; it looks like it will work great”.  Automatic validation of a product or service is a powerful force.  A business now in the possession of this can no longer “fudge it” or fake their way through.
So how do you handle the implied correctness of your product or service?
Just because you hang a sign above your door and sell a product are you doing all you can to make it the best it can be?  If you offer a service do you really go out of your way to make the guest experience memorable?  Do you “drill-down” on all the steps involved in the purchase of your product or service, from the moment the prospective customer is aware of you, in order to make them as smooth and direct as possible?
If not, what are you waiting for?


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