The Impact is Now! The CX Touch Point with Servitization, IOT, and Transformation – Part I


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This post was originally written for Eglobalis Blog here.”

Part I

In 1915 Mark Curtis, Fjord’s Chief Client Officer, described his company vision of Living Services, and the impact it will have on our lives with the technology underpinning its rise as a human experience enabler.
The company understood early on the potential impact of intelligent digitalization.

Not only about the mixing of IOT tools and data analytics for just about every aspect of our (business) lives, to gain insight into the products, services or customer’s behavior, but the need to effortlessly adapt to the rapidly increasing customer demands in real time. This may sound like a complex undertaking, yet it has already become “a seamless and integral part of our everyday lives.”
In this initial part I , I will explore the connection between living services, servitization and customer experience.

I will share how these simplification tools not only provide endless possibilities in production, data-driven services, and profitability but also build a dedicated customer base. In future Part II I will talk about how the right mix between Servitization, IOT and design, can create the “perfect” Customer-oriented and Manufacture Experiences.

The endless possibilities of #IOT, Cloud, Living Services and Servitization for CX

The complementary model for Living Services includes endless possibilities. The one model that stands out to serve all our enterprise technologies, smart cities and retail experience in the future, is #Servitization, a Win-Win Business Solution Model, which ensures enhanced customer experiences.

The natural by-product of Servitization simply described would be: “Enhanced Quality, Efficiency and Profitability in CX” for a variety of sectors!

Servitization, as you may already know, generates new services by surrounding each product with profit-oriented data-driven services and new business models to enhance, satisfaction, efficiency, loyalty, growth, #CX and field management, among others. Much like we typically know from digital and physical customer experience, only with more focus on service models related to our products found in industry 4.0. Relying in a variety of ultra-sensitive sensors to generate the right micro and big data collection as you will see in the picture bellow.

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While today’s automation and data exchange manufacturing technologies already help profitability and manageability by using preemptive and predictive analytics, data-driven services models, Servitization is an enabler of different business models creating entirely new levels of experiences in regards to flexibility, mobility and countless other constantly evolving customers, partners and market demands.

As in the above figure, its innovative, accurate and “intuitive” sensors with different levels of goals and sensitivity, and management tools allow for an instant experience, while simultaneously recognizing and matching a variety of personal, or business requirements in a fraction of the time previous systems needed! Servitization enables hyper-personalization and enterprise solutions to any industry or human.
For an industrial environment, the vast changes of our fast times are very challenging, especially today, when companies not only sell but also lease and “share” their heavy machinery or technological solutions.
This is why companies like ThyssenKrupp, Bosch, Atlas Copco for instance, and so many others, decided to create better experiences for their employees and customers utilizing IOT and servitization models.

In Industry 4.0, the consequence of critical machines breaking, results not only incur in costly repairs but risks production or downtime, which makes the implementation of these predictive & preventive #services and #CX models extremely important. – @RicardoSGulko #IOT #CEM #CX #analytics

How to mitigate risks in various segments of heavy Industries with Servitization?

Each new business and product model, allows us to generate satisfaction, loyalty and new revenue. Adding these (maybe until now) almost fictional customer and product intuitive service models, the economic advantages can be astronomical, because these new models will not only eliminate the majority of downtime and potential issues but mitigate risks and decrease costs. As a result, both the field services maintenance teams as well as your customers will be happier, and the customer experience outcome consistently far above the expectations.
The big challenge here for the industry in this fast paced, revolutionary development lies in implementing new services fast enough before they become outdated again!

Keep in mind,

“Never in the Human History, Has The Present Been So Temporary!” by Martin Wezowski, Chief Designer & Futurist @SAP @martinwezowski

Image Courtesy of © Martin Wezowski and SAP team

The key for create your successful Customer Experience including Servitization, will be your adaptability and perseverance.In the #IOT world, change and new business models are part of daily life. This is how you and your company will stay one or two steps ahead of competitors, & and your customers!

The balance act between exponential and linear possibilities will be how to accommodate future IOT, Apps, Cloud and other enablers.

Will hyper-personalized services with #living services based in data-driven analytics – to the level #IOT provides for us today – be enough in the future? What is your take on this?

Part II coming soon!

This post was originally written for Eglobalis Blog here.”

Part I

Next time we will be discussing ThyssenKrupp, Rolls-Royce and many other business cases. as the amazing new generation Multi elevator of ThyssenKrupp that we also helped.

For more information about the new era of elevators, take a look bellow. ThyssenKrupp MULTI is now reality – world’s first rope-free,up, down, right and left elevator ….

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Ricardo Saltz Gulko
Ricardo Saltz Gulko is the founder of Eglobalis and the European Customer Experience Organization. He is a global strategist specializing in B2B enterprises, with a focus on Customer Experience, Professional Services, Design and Innovation, as well as data-driven services. Ricardo empowers major global enterprises to generate new revenue and enhance market competitiveness through the delivery of exceptional global CX, and he employs design to drive adoption and growth. The end results of his work include high growth, increased retention, loyalty, innovation ignition, adoption and growth.


  1. IOT with Servitization will change the way we live, and interact and will directly impact our human and customer experience! 🙂


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