The Essentials Of Customer Service In Restaurant Management


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Do you want to know why customers are not likely to return to your restaurant? If yes, then you are just at the right spot. No! It’s not because of your restaurant but your service that matters. If you have a beautiful and attractive restaurant, the public will be attracted by it for the first time but not the second time if they don’t seem satisfied with your customer service.
Customer service is the first thing that every customer notices if it is great, they will talk about it to their peers to plan a new visit, but they will never step in again if the service isn’t good. Don’t worry about it! I will tell you how you can upgrade your customer service to catch more audience. Let’s begin!

Modernize Your Restaurant

Ok, let’s suppose you entered a restaurant, what would be the first thing you notice? Exactly, its physical appearance! Try to modernize your restaurant by decorating it with beautiful furniture, have an unique restaurant design, add some elite wall and floor decorations to it and let your customer feel luxurious. Make sure you clean your restaurant earlier than the opening time.

Greet Your Customers

Make sure to greet every customer as soon as possible. Yes, a restauranteur can’t be at different places at once. You can train your managers and waiters for that. There is a chance of customers likely to return if they would be treated respectfully at your place.

Be Responsible – Watch Out!

Pick the responsible workers for customer service. Send a waiter for serving who is an expert because if you send a newbie, he will pour the liquor on someone’s shirt rather than in a glass. Make sure you serve the starter in a careful, responsible, and impressive way.

Patron Is Always Right

The golden rule of a business is never to correct your customer, I said never! Always be patient and give your customer a break to listen to what he is complaining about, even if it’s about the desire for original music or a better design for the menu. If you keep correcting them then there is a pretty good chance that they never return, listen to your patron’s suggestion, and tell them you will work on it, better try fixing it.

Never Overbook Your Reservations

Be careful about making reservations. Always book the reservations with a gap of 30 to 40 minutes. Let’s suppose if your one reservation ends at the time and the other is 10 minutes later straight. It is such time-consuming to set dining and other preparations, how will a customer feel about listening to wait for more time. As a customer for me, it is the most annoying act.

Handling The Customer’s Complaints

It is obvious for one to make a blunder due to the dinner rush. It can be food to burn or forget the order. To cover up your mistakes, try to thrill your customer. Just apologize and serve him extra dessert, beverage, or give them a discount on the bills. You can also give them your restaurant vouchers at the time of their leaving.

Appreciate Your Customers

If you meet a customer twice or every weekend, don’t be miser to serve them beverage from your side. Maybe that patron is coming from his bar or office and eats at your place for some relaxation. If you appreciate his hard-work by serving him free starters or beverages and giving attention, it will magnetize your customers with your restaurant.

Ask For Your Patron’s Feedback

Let your customer know that you value their opinion. Create some beautiful comment cards and offer your customer after billing to get their feedback. This action will make your customer feel valuable and surely bring them back to your restaurant next time.


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