The athlete’s view


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Like many, I've been watching the Olympics for the past week or so. In particular, I have been intrigued with the coverage which consists of cameras showing the competition from all kinds of different angles. My favorite is when they display the athlete’s perspective. Much more than any other angle it really help you see their view and it gives you a whole new appreciation for the danger of the sport and the skills of these incredible athletes. For example, check out a Helmet-Cam view of Eva Samkovas gold medal run in the women’s snowboardcross competition.

This view has relevance for customer experience leaders. After all, we’re trying to capture the customer’s perspective. In particular, the process of journey mapping is all about understanding the business from the view of the customer. Last week several colleagues participated in a webcast on B-to-B journey mapping. Here is access to the resources.

Think about your customers. What do they see and experience?


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