That’s ‘Remarkable’ – Proof That Word Of Mouth Works!


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Word Of Mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing! That’s the conclusion from this graphic below that I saw on the Social Fresh website. It highlights that 92% of customers trust recommendations from people they know and 70% trust consumer opinions posted online. That compares to around 40% for most forms of ‘advertising’…..

It”s clear that people are questioning and challenging a lot of ‘advertising’ these days – they simply ‘don’t believe the hype’!

This highlights the power of ‘word of mouth’ – customers listen to people they trust.

However, as ever, it’s worth pointing out that ‘word of mouth’ only works if there’s something worth talking about – people only ‘remark’ about ‘remarkable’ stuff!

So, a simple question for you…

What does your business do that’s ‘Remarkable’ and gets customers ‘remarking’ about you to others?


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